09 February 2015

Thoughts Inspired By A Fuchsia

The flower that blooms in adversity
is the rarest and most
beautiful of all.
~Walt Disney, Mulan~

I bought this fuchsia last summer on sale.  It
clearly had been purchased and returned to the
nursery by somebody else.  I couldn't blame
the previous owner.  Fuchsia's don't really
belong in the San Joaquin Valley.  I have always
admired their blooms, however, and couldn't 
resist giving it a go.  All summer long I babied it.
I misted it daily, watered it appropriately, and somehow
it actually survived the awful heat. 
 It has been so
lovely watching the buds develop and burst
open to show their delicate unusual insides.

I've been aware of someone navigating
a personal and devastating loss with
faith, grace, hope, and strength. 
It's made me reflect upon all kinds of 
 losses...my own, and others.
Unlike the previous owner of my fuchsia,
we don't get to return our heartaches and disappointments.

Will you, for a moment, see yourself standing
before Christ's outstretched arms as He waits
for you to "come unto Him" and be encircled in
the arms of His love?  It is here you will be healed,
nourished, loved, enabled, strengthened, and
made whole.  We need to learn to let the
Savior carry our burdens and to go to Him
regularly to seek His enabling power.
~Carolyn J. Rasmus~