29 June 2014

Don't Let Your Dreams Die With You

Punakaiki: Pancake Rocks 
New Zealand

I who am blind can give one hint to those who see--
one admonition to those who would make full
 use of the gift of sight:  Use your eyes as if 
tomorrow you would be stricken blind.
Glory in all the facets of pleasure and
beauty Nature in its wisdom has so
magnificently provided.  
Make the most of life while you can!

~Helen Keller

Video of the Blowhole at Pancake Rocks

Creed, Ellen, Kris and myself

A good snapshot keeps a moment 
from running away.
~Eudora Welty

Simon and Garfunkel may have written a song
about 'the sound of silence...' but the cloistered serenity
felt within the fiord of Doubtful Sound is the 
absolute encapsulation of the phrase.  

At the end of one of the inlets, the Captain of our ship
 turned off all the engines and asked everyone
on board to stop.  Just stop.  No opening doors.
No taking pictures.  No walking around.
 His sensitivity to the power of solitude was profound.
Suddenly we heard birds, waterfalls...serenity.
We felt uplifted and humbled by the 
immense grandeur about us.  

In no way does this little video do justice to
Doubtful Sound.  But, it's a sweet 
reminder, just the same.

My cute brother, Creed, perched himself on the 
front of the boat and remained here 
from sun up to sun down.
No kidding.
Got to know him in a way I hadn't before.
Found out that I love him.  :)

Kayaking on the Doubtful

Fly fishing the Routeburn River
(No, this photo is not enhanced.
That IS the color of the river.)

New Zealand Brown

Life is a brief opportunity to make sure that
your dreams don't die with you.

It had been a dream of Kris' to visit New Zealand
for about 30 years.  Really. Happy he was
able to live his dream.


  1. This is beautiful. We will have to get together and get your suggestions for traveling in New Zealand. Layne grew up there (did you know that?), and has always wanted to return. How far are you from the East Bay? Maybe we can get together for dinner some night when we are down there. We would love to see all of your photos. Thanks for this beautiful post.

  2. That was funny reading about you getting to know my Dad in a new way and loving him...because that is exactly what both my parents said about traveling with you. Everything about New Zealand seems so beautiful.

  3. What a wonderful trip and to spend it with family divine!
    Happy Day