22 May 2014

Emmaus Walks

I have periods of time when I feel as if I am on my own
personal "road to Emmaus."
Surely I'm missing the answer, inspiration, 
direction, even miracle that is 
right in front of me.

While taking a walk recently in New Zealand with
my sister-in-law Ellen, this fantasy-like mushroom suddenly
appeared right in front of me.  I literally gasped, pointed,
and said "Is that real?" 
Because I have a ceramic mushroom in my yard
that looks just like this, I almost walked passed
it without really seeing it. My brain
at first simply registered "garden decor."

"And their eyes were opened, 
and they knew him...
And they said one to another,
Did not our heart burn within us,
while he talked with us by the way...?"
Even during my own Emmaus-like walks when
I feel like the obvious is anything but...
I know He is there.
"A bend in the road is not the end of the road."
And I know if I'll stay on the path,
my eyes, too, will be opened.
Yours will as well.


  1. Wow, so beautiful. I would love to see more of your New Zealand pics! I hope my parents stole some from you for their upcoming family slide show of the trip.

  2. Wonderful wisdom shared....and beautiful photos. Your trip must of been divine!

  3. I love your simple faith is that He IS there. I have faith in that, too, Marie. That assumption is more reliable than the assertion that we have been abandoned . . .

  4. Thank you. This was lovely. I'm not on a walk such as that at the moment, but I have been. There IS much to learn through the experience, but often more so after. At least for me. I think the Apostles experienced that as well