19 April 2014

One Single Lily...

I haven't blogged in one year.  
I don't know if anyone blogs anymore. However,
a few recent experiences have stimulated 
my desire to start again.  Easter, and the coming
of Spring seem a fitting time for new beginnings.
We'll see if it sticks!

The very first Easter Kris and I shared as a married 
couple, and living as students at BYU, he
brought me one single Lily.  I've always
said it was one of the most romantic things he's
ever done. Because to me, it signified his tender
love for the Savior, the miraculous significance
of the Easter Season, and the love he felt for Him.
This is the 31st Easter he has 
given me Lillies.

Christus Consolatur
Carl Bloch

About a week ago, we were in Utah. While
there we went (for the second time) to the BYU
Museum of Art to spend time with the historic
exhibition Sacred Gifts

For the second time, I was particularly drawn in
and moved by Carl Bloch's Christus Consolator.
Many of the paintings are accompanied by 
scholarly, spiritual, and personal descriptions
which one can listen to using the individual
ipads and headphones available.  In addition, many 
of the works are accompanied by sacred music.

I listened to Come Unto Him at least five times
as I sat in the provided chairs staring at this
moving painting.  I could "see" people in my
own life depicted in each of the faces above
as the Savior reaches out to each and every one.

I could see the skeptic, just behind the Savior 
with his hand drawn to his face.

I could see the repentant, with his arms in chains,
wondering if he too might be looked upon with mercy.

I could see the faithful, in the woman with the white 
veil seeking the face she already knows so well.

I could see the anguished and tired, in the man wearing
the red robe grasping onto the Master's robe...
pleading for peace and relief.

And to all of us...His outstretched arms.

(Click HERE to listen to this
restful and hopeful song. The version
I especially love and the one accompanying
the artwork is done by the BYU Singers. However,
it was unavailable to link to.)

"Come unto Him all ye who labor and are weary.
Forsake thy sins...Come unto Him.
Take His yoke upon you and learn of Him.
Come and find rest in Him, all ye who are heavy laden.
Come all ye laboring souls,
 and ye shall rest in His eternal love.
Come unto Him..."

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  1. What beautiful music. I hadn't heard that. There is such assurance in that invitation and scripture conveys that perfectly. Also, you know I love those lilies. P.S. I am in full support of a blogging comeback, with whatever regularity or irregularity you decide.