29 April 2013

Constant Flow

I took one of 'my' young women home from church
yesterday.  She lives in a neighboring town.  On my
drive back into Turlock I turned down a road that
I actually frequent fairly often.  Not every day,
but often enough.  This 'ordinary' patch of
poppies caught my eye and I had to stop
the car just to look upon them for a moment.

This thought came to my mind:

The burning bushes, the smoking mountains,...
the Cumorahs, and the Kirtlands were realities;
but they were exceptions.  The great volume of
revelation comes in the less spectacular way---that
of deep impressions, without spectacle
or glamour or dramatic events.

Always expecting the spectacular, many will miss
entirely the constant flow of revealed communication.
~Spencer W. Kimball~


  1. I love the pictures that you post. There is so much beauty in the world. I am glad that you take the time to document and appreciate that.

  2. Short and sweet. My first thought when I saw the poppies was, "oh, that's HOME dirt!" ... like it was somehow special or familiar haha. Love that you took like to 'consider the poppies'. simple moments

  3. Videos all way too short. Photos marvelous. Were there little signs that said "take your gorgeous photo here?" Because they all are.