09 January 2013

All For A Dog.

May 9, 2002 - January 6, 2013

We lost our beautiful Beagle this week.

Ty has been with her from the beginning.

We loved our "Caramel Girl."

Every last one...

...of us.

She HATED being bathed.

She lived with constant teasing and joking...usually
inflicted by Kris and Ty.
(Here, the ol' saran wrap over the food trick.
On Anne Marie's blog, the ol' food
down a cup trick. It never ended...)

Our yard is small, but it was all hers.

She was a Giants fan.
She had to be.

You know that phrase? 
"His bark is worse than his bite."
It was coined with her in mind.
It wasn't her fault.
She was born a Beagle.  Beagles have to bark!

There were so many things that made us laugh...like
how she would scoot her behind back to sit on her cushion.

Her fur is growing back in this photo from one of nine
puncture wounds sustained from being attacked by a Pit Bull. 
She also survived jumping out of a moving truck, 
and being hit by a car.

We all loved her in our own way and for our own reasons. 
From my 'station' in the kitchen I could see her most of the
day.  I talked to her a lot.  I'm still talking to her...
"Hi Girl."  "Need some love?" "You need
a walk, little girl?" "Hello, little
Caramel girl."  I often felt like she was 
watching T.V. and her favorite show was me.
It's really the only "channel" she had during the day.

When she looked through this window...
all of our hearts would melt.

Playing with those cute ears of hers.  They
would often get "stuck" when she barked
and threw her head back.

Then, she became critically ill.  She died from liver failure.  We
knew there was a possibility for her to develop this condition, and 
she was taking some medication to help.  However, suddenly and
very quickly she went from having a "possible" condition to
dying from it.  We could tell she did not feel well, but believed she
had perhaps eaten something that made her sick.  On Sunday morning
she couldn't walk or stand up well.  It was startling, scary, and sad.

Kris, myself, Anne Marie and Ty were all with her when
she closed her eyes.  Call was with us via video/phone.
Every single one of us was a mess...we gave her our last
loves, pets, kisses...and tears.

  We had to choose between a $7,000.00 surgery that 
would likely include complications following...or letting her go.  
We chose to let her go.  Kris put together a little box to lay
her in.  Anne Marie picked out sparkly letters for her name.

We all agreed on a place in our yard that we
hope will be safe and peaceful.

Ty played his new small pipes.  Kris said a prayer.
(Listen HERE)

Today, Anne Marie and I planted flowers  in the place
where we layed her.  I picked out this little bird-bath and
Anne Marie picked out the sweet stone.

All for a dog?  
Yup.  All for a dog.  
Our little "Caramel girl."

When the body that lived at your single will,
With its whimper of welcome, is stilled (how still!)
When the spirit that answered your every mood
Is gone---wherever it goes---for good,
You will discover how much you care,
And will give your heart to a dog to tear.
~Rudyard Kipling 
The Power of the Dog~

 Video of "Ty's bagpipes for Caramel"
and others HERE


  1. Oh Marie, I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face. I can still remember the day that the kids and I ran across the street to meet our little CARAMELLO!! She was just the cutest darn thing every! Oh, and that precious picture of Ty with Caramel and his teeth missing. And that bark, we so loved to hear her bark... never minded it a moment, but then we are dog people. I think I shared my favorite moment about Caramel with you, but I'll share it again, 'cuz it make me smile every time... All of you had gone on vacation to some fabulous place and were boarding Caramel at Canal Vet. I had to go in there for some special food for one of our pets and had Hayley with me. As we stood at the counter for our receipt, Hayley heard a dog bark... a beagle bark obviously. But the funniest part was when Hayley said out loud, "Mamma, that sounds just like Caramel!" You should have seen the amazement on the receptionist's face!! She had to stop and tell us that the dog in the back barking was actually named Caramel. Hayley had to tell her that she just knew it was Caramel Hyer!!! Too funny. Oh, I will forever remember so much about her, and the sheer joy she brought your family. Sorry for any typos, it's hard to see past the tears. It will get better, but I know the sadness can cut so deep when you have to make these decisions for a living being that has given so much unconditional and sweet love and appreciation for every thing that is offered. A friend of mine just posted something on FB about losing pet from the perspective of a 6 year old. The jist of the story is very fitting... basically it shares the idea that perhaps pets are not with, but for a short time to share their love with us simply because they get it right from the start. They don't need to spend much time here on earth to "learn" the lessons of love, and forgiveness, they already know. Bless you all at this time and Bless our little Caramello. Karen Barham

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry, Marie. She seems like the perfect companion.

  3. Marie and family.... so sorry that you have had to say good bye to your sweet friend and pet. I can tell she was dearly loved and loved you all too!! I love how you were able to bury her in your yard.... beautiful. Blessing you with love and comfort...

  4. I can't imagine how hard this must be Marie! I can only imagine how you look for her out there in the back yard through that window! She really was a part of your family and I sure have been thinking of you. It was nice having Anne Marie join us on our walk yesterday...Wags loved it! I'm sure those walks are hard to let go of with her! She always would hover down quiet when she first approached Wags on a walk and then after a second get all excited and the dance would begin...they really were friends. She was a sweetie pie and a part of your family and I know how very much your family will miss her. The photos of her looking through the slider and the kitchen window are so adorable...she really was a cutie pie! I'm sure it is terribly hard to look out your window right now and not see her precious face. Sure thinking of you!