01 July 2012


Just noticing the 'regular old scenes' that make
up the landscape of my ordinary daily
life. Turns out, they aren't
so ordinary after all.

I have actually been to the "Strawberry Fields
Forever" location made famous by
The Beatles. I admit, it was pretty cool to see
the garden of the Salvation Army house named
'Strawberry Field' in Liverpool where
John Lennon used to play as a child, thus inspiring
the lyrics for the song...

...but it was not even close to being as beautiful as
the strawberry field where I can buy fresh
picked strawberries any time of the day
during this time of year.
Just noticing.

This is the logo for the Trek we have been preparing
many months for. For my friends unfamiliar with
what Trek is...a simple explanation is this:

One hundred and twenty of the youth of our church in this
area will be participating in a three day Trek in which they
will pull handcarts for several miles. During these few days
they will learn first-hand of the many personal sacrifices
made by so many of the Mormon Pioneers who migrated
to Salt Lake City during the 1850's using handcarts.

Kris and I spent a lovely day in the mountains yesterday
traveling the trail together where our Trek will
take place. We picked out and marked
locations where we will eat, camp, and most
importantly, share inspirational stories, music,
and other meaningful experiences we hope will
inspire and strengthen each one of us.

We are the inheritors of a tremendous heritage...

...their journeys parallel our own. There are
lessons for us in every footstep they took...
lessons of love, courage, commitment,
devotion, endurance and most of all
~M. Russell Ballard~

Roses from my mother's garden
that she brought to me.
This might be called an extraordinary
ordinary part of my life.

Who knows but that something wonderful
may happen today. Have faith that it will.
After all, every morning is a chance
at a new day!
~Sister Marjorie Hinckley~

A gorgeous crocheted runner made by my maternal
grandmother when she was a young woman.
My mother say's she remembers it being on
the top of their piano growing up.
I received it for my birthday this year.

Anne Marie with her boyfriend, Curtis.
Just noticing...
looking pretty happy.

My dear friend, Marilyn, invited them for dinner
Sunday. They stopped at an animal reserve (background)
near Concord on their way back into Boston.