23 June 2012

To Belong...

For family members unable to attend, and for those
that were...here are some snapshots marking
another Pine Mountain family reunion.
I thought this photo of Lucy standing on a table
during "Church" was the perfect introduction
to the usual chaos we have come to expect at Pine Mt.

Rachael and Tyler's little Abigail

Mother Dear,
I stood behind you and wondered
what you were thinking.

Chase and Spencer

Karin and Ben

Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental
needs of human beings.
~Miles Franklins~

Home to me is laughter...
Kisses on my cheek when they're least expected;
Glances filled with gladness...

...The happiness in knowing
I'm a portion of
My family's fulfillment.
Home to me...is love!

~June Brown Harris

Here we learned about the joys of being newlyweds.
From shingles on the honeymoon to the dilemma of whether
to keep the butter dish in the refrigerator or on the counter...
we basically were reminded just how plain adorable these two are together.

Grandpa Creed with Chad and Christy's
newest little guy, Blake.

Every once in awhile when I'm feeling gloomy,
I think about the arrivals or the departure gates at
airports I have been to. Usually, the scenes played
out there aren't the ones making the evening news.
Nor are they particularly dignified or refined...

...But "its" always there. Mothers and daughters, boyfriends
and girlfriends, husbands and wives--fathers and sons. Remember
the days following 9-11? Probably like you, I was almost
hypnotically unable to pull myself away from the television...

...For me, some of the most haunting news coverage was hearing
the telephone calls made from people on board those doomed
airplanes. Or, those trapped in those burning buildings.
I do not recall one of those messages that were left on a
telephone machine somewhere--only to be heard by a
heartbroken loved one later being a message of hate
or revenge...

...They were all messages of love.

There's nothing that makes you more insane than
family. Or more happy. Or more exasperated.
Or more...secure.
~Jim Butcher~

What a beautiful noise.
~Neil Diamond~

Trying to get the Oreo from the forehead
to the mouth with no hands.

For some reason, this photo just cracks me up.

Yay, Thomas!
The man is the brace and ceiling of his house
He is the straight walls rising from the earth.
The woman is the golden glow of lamps,
The firelight on a hearth...

A man to the home is a sheltering roof.
A wind break, refuge from storm and rain.
A woman is the warm, bright scarlet flower
Beyond the window pane...

...The children are the sun and the rays that sweep
Through open doors--a blessed thing so good.
Trinity on earth that makes a "home"
Where once a mere
house stood.

~Emery Petho~

Call, Chase, Ty and a beautiful sunset
the first night we were there.

Love much. Earth has enough of bitter in it.
Cast sweets into its cup whene'er you can.
No heart so hard but love at last may win it,...
Love on, through doubt and darkness; and believe
There is no thing which Love may not achieve.

~Ella Wheeler Wilcox~

Sometimes we give up our dream to accept
a larger role in someone else's dream.
~Robert Brault~

Rachael and Tyler's, Lucy.

Families are like fudge--mostly
sweet with a few nuts.

03 June 2012

Spring Activities

(Ty = top of the screen)
Ty had a fantastic track season.  He started off the season
by placing in all four of his events (100 and 200 meter,
and the 4 X 100 and 4 X 400 relays as anchor) during a meet held
specifically for the top runners in the Stanislaus District.
He concluded the season by qualifying to race in two events
during the Masters Track Meet...section finals 
which take place prior to sending individuals to State.  

Coldplay concert!

While Anne Marie was home for a three and a half
week break, we crammed in as much fun as we could.
Coldplay put on an awesome show.

We went to the Oakland Temple one day.  Kylie
went through the temple for the first time prior
to serving a four month 'Performing Artist'
mission this summer in Nauvoo.
Beautiful women.

Several women in my family attended the 'Spring Event'
hosted by Teresa Andersen.  She, Ruth Fortado, and Sandi
Pittson prepared an entire year for this special event.
There were vendors, lunch, classes, and lovely
things to see in every direction!  
Except for the fact that we needed a larger
frame...this is a fun photo of us!

We all take different paths in life,
but no matter where we go, we take a
little of each other everywhere.
~Tim McGraw~

I purchased one of these wall plaques. It states:

Do not spoil what you have by desiring
what you have not; But remember that what
you now have was once among the
things you only hoped for.

Following lunch, everyone took 
home a vase of flowers.

Bev and her mother, Donna Thompson.

Anne Marie has a little love affair going on 
with pigs.  She bought 'this little piggy.'

Strawberry dipping.

Karin and Molly

Mindy Gledhill performed.

 Teresa and Mindy

Anne Marie and I snuck away to Cambria
for a couple of days.

Playing around with the recent eclipse.
Little moon reflecting off of Ty's
camera onto Chase's shirt.

Lots of little shadows on Ty's
shirt casting between the
leaves on the trees.

Call was one of the groomsmen in the wedding
of his good friend, Erik Arakelian.  While home,
the Falke's treated us to a super fun
day at the lake.

Kristy and Brad

I'm so disappointed because I tried to upload
a couple more little video clips of a few memorable/funny
moments from the day, but I can't get them
to work.  Sorry Call and Anne Marie!

Abby and Ty being Abby and Ty.

Almost all of our children!  We were missing
our lovely daughter-in-law, Whitney!

We just had a blast being together.
Such a fun day.  We were so grateful to
the Falke's for providing a fun venue for
all of us to be together to laugh,
eat, and just enjoy being together.



Anne Marie and Ty one morning before Church.
...always fun to have your children come home.