11 July 2011

Sweet Is The Peace The Gospel Brings.

Every day is a good day,
some are just a little better than others.
~Jeff Garthwaite~
Call was ordained an Elder by
Kris this past weekend in Utah.
In this photo:

Call's Bishop from Turlock, Steve Stiles, his wife
Denise and their daughter, Camille.

Call's future mother-in-law, Julie Overman
and his fiance', Whitney Overman.

Call, Kris, Marie and Ty.

"If you remember it without tears,
it wasn't happiness."

I was the recipient of Call's first blessing.
I will never remember that without tears.

Three good men.
Sweet Bishop Stiles came from California.

It takes awhile, but eventually we realize that
the people who were always there for the
special occasions of our [life] had
other things to do.

Whitney and Call.
Just a great match. What a blessing.
My heart leaps up...

A little REAL Salt Lake Soccer!

Ty, Kris, and Call.
(ty, you even have one of your Calle
shirts on! Funny!)