24 June 2011

"There's A Time to Laugh..." And Play!

Camille Stiles and Ty

...A time to laugh...
~Ecclesiastes 3:4

Steve/Bishop teaching Ty how to drive the boat.


These kids are so blessed to have such good friends.

Marie and Denise

Each friend represents a world in us, a
world possibly not born until they
arrive. ~Anais Nin~

I love this thought. I think it is so true that each
friendship is unique and individual...fulfilling
different spirit-needs as it unfolds.

Mr. Ty. I love his smile.
His is a happy spirit. Our home
loves the laughter and fun he fills it with.

Go Camille!
Rebecca, Derek, baby Hannah!, Spencer, Anne Marie

My sister-in-law (I think after all these years
the "in-law" part should be dropped), Ellen, hosted
a nice lunch while some of the cousins were
in town. We met Becca's Hannah for the first time.

Marie, Debbie Holtzclaw (master hostess), Marilyn Stokes,
Stephanie Bjarnason, Debbie Blank, Kristie Liston,
and Kristy Falke...a.k.a.
The Housewives of Turlock, California.

Not really, but we joked that that's what we looked like
with our wonderful Mango Cider, so we took a
photo in the mirror. Our dear friend, Marilyn, who
moved away about 14 years ago was in town. Debbie
hosted a beautiful luncheon for us so we could celebrate
our friendship and love for Marilyn. We came. We
stayed. And stayed. And stayed. Thanks, Deb.
Marilyn...come back.

Friends "fall in like" with as profound a thud as
romantic partners fall in love.
~Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Deb made delicious chicken salad and served
a wonderful strawberry/cookie dessert.

Ty, Marie, Kris
Ward Temple Day

The Tilby's came to play!
After a fun dinner we played
a round or two of Bolo Toss.

Kris and Dallin
"We are the Champions!"

Landon wanted to watch how the milkshakes
were made. It was so weird...just lifting
that cute little guy up onto the counter
brought back a flood of feelings for me.

Kris playing his bagpipes in the backyard at Cambria

And, to continue with the Scottish theme...

(In simple terms, Cairn is Irish or Scottish Gaelic
for a man-made pile of stones.)

Well, in this case...it is topped with a wad of
dried twigs and seaweed. Location considered...
it seemed appropriate!

Happy 50th Birthday to me! I have never needed
an excuse to splurge on chocolate or ice
cream...but this was awesome.

The beach is in our blood. Everyone in our family
returns to the beach instinctively, just
like the sea turtles. ~Sandy Archibald~

Why do we love the sea? It is because it has
some potent power to make us think
things we like to think.
~Robert Henri~

Anne Marie and Kris after the
Wildflower Ride they participated in.
It was 50 miles...they said they rode
one year for each year I had lived!

Through the vineyards of that beautiful place.

Sitting in the house one afternoon, we clearly spotted
whales spouting in the distance. We grabbed the binoculars
and ran out onto the ranch and watched several
groups of Mama's and babies migrating.


  1. Love the Cambria pics, especially! Just beautiful!

  2. Thanks for sharing Marie....I want to be your sister so we could play in Cambria!

  3. I can just hear the bagpipes now...perfect place to play them.
    Happy 50th sounds like you had a great time.

  4. Oh how I love each visit to your blog!

  5. Wow, so many great things. Looks like some serious water skiing, one ski! And look at that birthday dessert, can I order that for # 60 coming up? And, I am ready to come back already, it was so much fun.

  6. Well that was a fun little "catch-all" of some late events. Good idea

  7. Happy belated birthday, Marie! Ty does have a great smile, it's true, but each member of your family has a beautiful smile.

    What fun adventures and beautiful places.