01 June 2011

The Best Days

She made it.
A new life begins here.


  1. Congratulations.....wonderful new adventure.

  2. I loved loved loved seeing the pictures of the daddy daughter "road trip" What a fun idea! I loved how she was able to spend quality alone time with each of her parents before starting off on this new adventure. I loved to see the pictures of each state as they passed through on their way to Boston. I especially loved the two places at once, reminded me of one of the many romantic scenes from A Walk To Remember. I'm glad she she got their safely. it was great to see where she's living. Looks like a great house. You must fill me in on more of her living arrangements ex: housemates,room,etc etc.) Certainly a new beginning for her and a great Summer to be had in Boston of all places!

  3. Happy but Sad isn't it. We miss her.