20 April 2011

A Big Thing To Me.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may
look back and realize they were the big things.

Last night at about 11:00 P.M. my nineteen year old son,
Call, texted me this photo. He said that a few months back he
walked by some bulbs in a store, thought of me, and
decided to purchase and plant them. Here they are
in beautiful bloom. Made me a bit teary.
Happy early Mother's Day to me.

Perhaps my love for flowers...born from
my own dear mother's love for flowers...seemed like a
'little thing' as my children were growing. Last
night (and years later), it felt like a
big thing to me.

~Extended family update below~

16 April 2011

The Roads Being Taken.

This is a record breaking photo-post covering Ty's Prom,
Chase in Brasil, Call in Utah, and Anne Marie's path to
finding just the right graduate program for her.
It's a simple way to share our photos with family members
who may be interested, a.k.a. Grandparents! Anyone else
brave enough to venture in can scroll as fast as your heart desires!

Hunter Mangrum and Camille Stiles,
Abby Falke and Ty Hyer.
Love seeing good ol' friends simply
having a great time!


Chase in Fortaleza, Brasil where he flew in the private
jet of one of his students and wife, who were
going home for Carnival. Poor guy.

And below, with friends.

Balcony Video

Two of the students that Chase basically follows
around for a couple of hours each day, helping them
with their conversational English.
I can tell that this experience is helping Chase
determine the direction he next wants to
focus his educational pursuits in.

Brasilian Sunset

Seize every opportunity along the way, for how
sad it would be if the road you chose
became the road not taken.

Call and Whitney in Utah
For Call's ACN website
go here.

First Stop...
George Washington University
Washington, D.C.

Anne Marie found herself in the position of having several
wonderful options for graduate school. She and I visited a
few of them recently so she could find the right fit for her.
We did not visit Columbia University, in New York because
the other options seemed more inviting to her.

Boston Univeristy
Boston, Massachusetts

The open houses were very helpful. Viewing
the facilities and meeting the doctors
and clinicians was great.

Massachusettes General Hospital
Institute of Health Professions
~An academic affiliate of
Massachusettes General Hospital~

(This is the only Speech-Language Pathology
program in the United States that is
not affiliated directly with a university,
having been founded by a hospital instead.)

Emerson College
Boston, Massachusettes

So, here we are...starting our tour of campuses
off right, with a trip to DC Cupcakes of TLC fame.
Yes. All they are cracked up to be.
(We saw the Sister missionaries here. Classic.)

Unbelievable. We were there during the
Cherry Blossom Festival.
(Jefferson Memorial in background.)

We found out that the White
House is, indeed...White.

Four hours to visit the Smithsonian Institution.

The Wright Brother's original plane.

Isn't is astonishing that all these secrets have
been preserved for so many years just so
we could discover them!
~Orville Wright~

Ever since Kris and I visited Kitty Hawk, North Carolina
in 1990, I have wanted to see the Wright Brother's plane.
It was thrilling. Absolutely thrilling beyond words.

Julia Child's kitchen

Above all, have a good time!
~J. Child~

I don't need to label these. Right???

~There's no place like home.~
L. Frank Baum

One of the most treasured icons in the Smithsonian is the
top hat Abraham Lincoln wore to the Ford's Theatre on
the night he was assassinated on April 14, 1865.
The thin black mourning ribbon at the base
of the hat was added upon the death of his
11 year old son, Willie, in 1862.

"Just" a photo of some clothing.
But, it was beyond fascinating to me
to see them. Made these "history book"
individuals feel more present and real.
Very real physical reminders of
great men from days past.

Haven't we all grown up seeing this image?
Surreal seeing it next to the clothing.

Washington Monument

White House at dusk.

My friend, Jeanine, suggested we take a night
tour of the monuments if we had time. So
glad we took her suggestion. It was cold
and there is no way we could have made it to
all of them had we not done that. Extra
beautiful with the lights at night.
(Anne Marie's photo)

Washington Monument AND Cherry Blossoms!

Lincoln Memorial

It was massive! So strange to see it...not on
a penny or re-created Disneyland style!!! :)
I felt reverence for God as I read the
inscriptions on the walls within the memorial.

W.W. II Memorial

Pillars like those in the background encircle
the entire area. Each one has the name of a different
state chiseled into it with a beautiful
permanent stone wreath as part of the decoration.

We ran into these missionaries at the Jefferson
Memorial. They were all heading for
home the next morning.
Cute boys.

Though confined to our destiny, we do
get to pick the color scheme.

This will be her new home for the next two years!
Massachusetts General Hospital,
Institute of Health Professions.

Ranking third on the U.S. News and World Report's
Honor Roll for best hospital and hospital affiliate's
for 2010-2011...it's an impressive facility.
And. The faculty was "human" and kind.

MGH is located in the old Boston Naval
Yard in Charlestown. The building behind her
is where she will be going to school.

The windows of the building look out on this.
In her words..."I feel like the Lord
has placed me here."
Worth the trip to know and feel that way.

Little Italy, in the North End.

Friends told us about Mike's Pastry in the North
End. See the strings coming down from the ceiling?
They pack your pastries in one of the blue boxes
and then tie it up with string.
(Brown paper packages tied up with string...)

Harvard Campus

Anne Marie's heaven?

Ha! This store had two massive windows with
sewing machines as an eye catcher. We were told
by the employees that the company owns 50%
of the Singer sewing machines ever made which
they dress the windows of their businesses' with.

Went to General Conference in the
church building located in Cambridge.

Boston Museum of Art

It was raining...so we opted for an indoor
activity vs. the outdoor excursion we had planned.

Dave Chihuly.
Master of Glass
He has been compared to the great Venetian
glassmakers, as well as the Tiffany glass artisans.

This was the tragedy: The actual Chihuly exhibit
opened four days after we left!!! UGH.
We were, however, able to see four
"teasers" that were on display.

I came around the corner and this glass tree literally
made me gasp. Breathtaking. Having a father that
loves glass and creates his own lovely pieces...
Chihuly was a no-brainer of interest to us.

Each "stem" is individual and separate. Chihuly has
a team that helps create and assemble his pieces.

Go here and click on the very first
show that is listed (Through the Looking Glass).
This is the one currently showing in Boston. You can
access videos and all kinds of good stuff. Or, click on
"installations" to the left of the page and feast
your eyes on various other exhibitions.

I want my work to appear like it came from
nature, so that if someone found it on a
beach or in the forest, they might think
it belonged there.


I have seen other versions of this Renoir in France.

Anne Marie's cousin, Michelle Rowan Sorensen
lives in Boston. Her husband, Scott, graduates from
Harvard Business School next month. She met
us for lunch and a little fun one day.

I bought shower caps for the ladies! Haha!
A fun little shop in Beacon Hill.

Classic Beacon Hill housing. Gorgeous.

Michelle and Scott's little Nathan. He had to
hold that little golf club all night long. We
enjoyed seeing their apartment as well as the
gorgeous Harvard Business School. WOW. It's nice to
get a first-hand glimpse of the lives your family members
lead. Thanks to Scott and Michelle for being our Taxi
that evening...and for carving out a moment for us!

All in all a good time! Productive...
accomplishing what we went to do, with
some fun along the way!