16 March 2011

"So Many out-of-the-way-things Had Happened Lately..."

For, you see, so many out-of-the-way-things had
happened lately that Alice had begun
t0 think that very few things indeed
were really impossible.
~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland~

Last weekend Ty participated for the
first time with the Pipeband he belongs
(Wearing their new casual hats with the
name of the band inscribed on them.)

Here, Ryan "schools" Ty on how to wear his
'hose.' What a nice group of people! They
were joking with him by saying "Now that
you can play the bagpipes...the next thing we
need to teach you is how to SIT in a kilt!"

The director of the band, Matt Hirsch, is the fellow
in the front row with the green hat on. His wife,
Amy is the gal playing the drums...last one
in the middle row. Matt is also Kris and
Ty's private bagpipe teacher. They just have
the best time with him. Lots of fun...

Remember. From this...

...to this. Awesome.

Only by going too far can one possibly
find out how far one can go.
~Reuben Bajada~

Interesting to observe what was,
for me, a new musical forum.

Matt checking to see if each
set of pipes is in tune.

(Ty...middle row, third one in.)

If you will do what most people won't, for the next
couple of years, you can do what most people
can't do for the rest of your life.
~T. Harv Eker~

Each "routine" contains a particular set
of songs. This one includes Scotland
the Brave...a.k.a. Praise to the Man
by some. :)

"The Queen" of the Sonora Celtic Faire.

A film crew from National Geographic was at
the faire filming the Western United States
Ultimate Jousting Competition for a new
reality T.V. series called Knights of Mayhem.
(The Knight in black was the current U.S. champion.)

The film crew got what they came for...
plenty of drama, injuries, and individuals
that were hospitalized. The whole thing was
a bit disturbing to me, personally. Reminded
me of when we attended a bull fight in Spain.

...For, you see, so many out-of-the-way
things had happened lately....

Chase made it to Brasil and already has several
students that he is teaching/tutoring in English.
Some of his students include an international
business lawyer, a married couple that
are both physicians, some school kids, and two girls
he was hired to just sort of "follow around" for two
hours every day correcting and helping them
with their conversational English.

(Pictured with Chase is Diego, an exchange student
from Quito, Ecuador. They live in the same building.
Diego has been a helpful to Chase by showing
him around and helping Chase get
acclimated to his new surroundings.)

In front of the State Courts.

Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco California.

For Christmas we gifted a few family members
tickets to the symphony. Last weekend we
enjoyed Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony and
A Midsummer Night's Dream.

...so many out-of-the-way things
had happened lately...

Ty, on bended knee asks his sister, Abby Falke
to prom. No, in reality they are not genetically linked,
but they are brother and sister just the same.
Who could resist a scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream?
Ty will really miss his sweet buddy when she
heads off to the big BYU in Provo next year.

One of Anne Marie's little autistic babes. She
loves working with these little children.

Her current status:
*Accepted to George Washington Univ. (Washington, D.C.)
*Accepted to Massachusetts General Hospital,
Institute of Sciences. (Boston, MA.)
*Accepted to Emerson College. (Boston, MA.)
*On wait list for Boston University. (Boston, MA.)
(This is for graduate school in Speech and
Language Pathology.)

She and I will be taking a trip back east soon
to see these campuses and attend various
open houses for prospective incoming students.

For, you see, so many out-of-the-way things
had happened lately that [THE HYER'S]
had begun to think that very few things indeed
were really impossible.

Call sliced his finger open trying to create a new
notch on his belt. Only four stitches...but a week
later, it does appear there may be nerve damage.
He is actually seeing a specialist about it today.

Sometimes I think my life would make a
great T.V. movie. It even has the part
where they say "Standby...We are
experiencing temporary difficulties."
*For the full drama report go here.

El Capitan Reflection

Kris recently 'ran' up to Yosemite for one
more day of photos. Beautiful, aren't they?

Bridal Veil Falls with Flowing River

What is this life, if full of care, we have
no time to stand and stare?

~W.H. Davies~


  1. When we live our lives to the fullest...there is a tendency for both good and not so good to comes into our lives. Hope Ty's finger does okay.
    Beautiful picutres

  2. I've been reading Hannah books, and had just started Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 2 days ago...reading that very line to her. Funny. Well, you and yours are staying very busy. I could hardly handle looking at Call's cut finger--youch! It looks like Ty is having just a wonderful time with his band. Very neat.

  3. Isn't it amazing the depth that our children bring to our lives...each one so different and wonderful!

  4. Ty looks so cool in his uniform, how fun he is taking Abby to the prom, I can't wait to see the pictures of that. I didn't realize Brazil was so beautiful, what a great experience for him. Hope your trip out here was good, I was in Texas in 80 degree weather!