01 March 2011

Not a Passing Phase

Ty, on Christmas morning/Birthday in
2005, we think. He had been asking for
bagpipes...and this was my pitiful attempt
to bring a moment of fun to what I
was sure was a "passing phase."

Everyone keeps asking "where did this thing for the
bagpipes come from?" Even Ty isn't exactly sure he
can put his finger on the reason for his desire to play
the pipes. As a musician myself, I've decided there
doesn't need to be a reason. I love to sing. It fills
a part of my soul that would be otherwise, empty. The
pipes are something Ty is passionate about. He,
loves to play the bagpipes and can often be found
scouring sites for new music while at the same time
listening to various bands, competitions, and events.
A mother's musical dream has come true:
She does not need to prod her child to practice.

Sunday morning.

I can't tell you how much fun
it is to watch this relationship deepen,
and to observe the discovery and
development of this whole "phase" progress.

If thy neighbor offend thee, give each
of his children bagpipes.
~Scottish Proverb~

Playing: The Rowan Tree

Are we not two volumes of one book?
~Marceline Des-Valmore~

Perfect caption...because these two quite
possibly could have been where the
phrase "two peas in a pod" originated.
Gotta love the purple and pink earplugs.

Ty received his bag with the name
of the local Pipeband he belongs
to inscribed on it.

Father and son putting on the new bag cover.

Twelve clansmen and one
bagpipe make a rebellion.
~Sir Walter Scott~

Ty came home from band practice last night
finally wearing his own kilt! Isn't it awesome?
Tell me...how many 16 year old guys do you know
that would find this as cool as he did? Below is a
video of him playing for us last night for the first
time in his kilt. Whoever can name the song,
instead of purchasing a star in your name from
one of those Star Observatory companies...
we'll have a planet named after you!
(He's been looking up music that is used
in the Nauvoo summer church pagaent.)

They only have nine notes. Just how difficult
could the pipes be to learn?
~Aspiring Piper~

So, why is it that this instrument really seems
to be no "passing phase" with him?
I will offer this: he is the great great great great
grandson of Matthew Rowan who was born in
Jordanhill Renfrew Scotland, in April, of 1827.
Perhaps his soul genuinely feels a pull
towards the Scottish Highlands!

(That's Anne Marie's voice you hear following
Ty's playing. She was 'watching' via
Facetime on the iphone. Crazy
that we can do such a thing.)

Kris and Ty love their teacher, Matt Hirsch.
For the Pipeband's website go here. Ty will be
participating with them
in the up-coming Sonora Celtic Faire.

Who woulda' thunk? We've had flute, piano,
voice, drums, piano, drums, piano, guitar, and piano
lessons in this family. This is a chapter
I never anticipated. What a kick.

Men are like bagpipes--no sound comes
from them until they're full.
~Irish Proberb~


  1. How wonderful that Father and Son can enjoy this together.
    Fun...I've always loved the sound of the bagpipes.

  2. When Dan was in grad school he decided it was as good of a time as any to learn to play the banjo. The bluegrass scene in Seattle was big, so there was a big network of musicians to learn with. Now, three banjos, several books, a good workshop, two styles, and many, many, hours of practice LATER he is still playing for the love of it. And we all love it, and fortunately don't have to wear earplugs.

    Which reminds me, do you wear earplugs when he plays?

  3. Wow!!!! He is doing great! I bought kilts for all my girls when we went to Scotland and Michael really wanted one too. He said he would wear it. If you could Hie to Kolob. The last missionary couple that stayed at our house played the bagpipes and he used to go up on the hill above our house to practice, it was so beautiful. By the way, have you ever seen the group, The Celtic Women perform? We caught them recently on PBS and they are wonderful. They are coming to Boston next week but their concert is on Sunday, darn!

  4. This is just so crazy!! That sounded SO good. I'm impressed. I just showed it to Chandler and he LOVED seeing the kilt :)

  5. We have had so much music in this family. Random instruments...but so glad we are different. How boring would it be if everyone just played the same thing? Go brumbsy

  6. LOVED it. Please please please tell me they have taken their bagpipes to Cambria to play overlooking the ocean. Oh-and Tyler recognized the tune right away as "If You Could Hie to Kolob".