18 February 2011

The Trance Called Yosemite

Photos taken by Kris,
February 11, 2011

Leaning Tower Peak

Located directly south of Bridal Veil Falls.
Bridal Veil is right in between Leaning
Tower Peak and Cathedral Rocks.

...All things denote their is a God; yea, even
the earth, and all things that
are upon the face of it...
~Alma 30:44~

...Small lakes abound in all sorts of situations, --on
ridges, along mountain sides, and in piles of
moraine boulders, most of them mere pools...
How pure their waters are, clear as crystal
in polished stone basins!
~John Muir~

Moraine: ridge, or mass of rocks...carried
and deposited directly by a glacier.

Merced River

There is simply something so colorful
about black and white.
~Dale Boman~

Bridal Veil Falls

The snow is melting into music.
~John Muir~

These beautiful days must enrich all my life. They
do not exist as mere pictures...but they saturate
themselves into every part of the body
and live always.
~John Muir~

Merced River

Glacial lakes...strung together like beads on the
bright ribbons of their feeding. Streams pour, white
and gray with foam and spray, from one to the
other, their perfect mirror stillness making
impressive contrasts with the grand blare
and glare of the connecting cataracts.
~John Muir~

For my part, I should like to stay here
all winter or all my life
or even all eternity.
~John Muir~


  1. Kris Hyer, the Ansel Adams of the digital era!
    Thank you for sharing these FABULOUS photos...

  2. So many of those deserve to be framed. To be able to capture creation like that. Daddy's always had an artist's eye.

  3. Those are so beautiful! How does he get that dreamy look with the water? They do deserve to be framed.