21 February 2011

The Trance Called Yosemite, a Week Later

The original The Trance Called Yosemite
photos appear in the post prior to this one.
But, it snowed last week. So, eight days following
the lovely photos Kris captured which I shared in
the original post, he had to return to the place which
inspired John Muir to record the thought:
This Grand Show is Eternal...
just to prove him right.

El Capitan With Snow

Noble mountains rise close about me,
and far southward are the highest of the
range with glaciers on their sides.
A stream sings lonley.
~John Muir~

Merced River...
Which eight days ago was snow-free.
(See below.)

How deeply with beauty
is beauty overlaid!
~John Muir~

1 comment:

  1. I have loved all of these Yosemite pictures. What a beautiful place! And Uncle Kris captures it so well. I wonder if anyone that is from our part of California could not be moved when they see pictures of Yosemite...it always feels like looking at pictures of home, it reminds me of who I am.