09 February 2011

It's Been An Eventful Week. Or Two. Or Three.

Chase arrived in Sao Paulo, Brazil last Saturday. He
graduated from the U of U last summer in English,
and will be teaching English in Brazil for about a
year. He lives about five blocks from this
street, Avenida Paulista, where the Sau Paulo Museum
of Art (building in red) is located.

Checking in at the S.F. airport...
with his Giants hat on.
Of course.
He was really excited for the opportunity, and
we are looking forward to hearing about
his experiences. He's been wanting to do this,
or something like it for some time.
Happy for him.

Ty...feeling fairly confident having just passed
his behind the wheel driving test.
Our fourth licensed driver.

We had a couple of bales of hay in our truck for a
few weeks, left over from the Young Men snow
camp out. Here's a photo of Ty and a friend having
just "hayed" another friends truck. (Just left the
bale of hay on the truck.) Of course, the next day
at school, it had been transferred to yet another
truck. A new form of toilet papering a yard?

A few months ago I posted a photo of a desk that
Call was in the beginning stages of making. Here
is his finished product. Pretty nice I'd say, having
just made it "from his head!"

Whitney and Call last week in Park City.

Anne Marie in a giant bubble with
one of "her" autistic babes.

Great news! Anne Marie was accepted yesterday
to George Washington University,
in Washington D.C. for graduate school in
Speech and Language Pathology. She applied to a
few other schools, too, so it is not definite where
she will be headed. However, this was her
first response...and what a happy one!

Currently she is employed through the Wasatch
Mental Health District and is an aid in a
classroom of autistic children. For her most
current, and very sweet post of her at work
go here.

Tied together by stuff too difficult to
explain to someone new.
~Brian Andreas~

(Kris and I last Sunday. And, not that we were thinking
of untying ourselves...but all of the stuff that ties
us together are all of those kids talked about
before this photo of the two of us. We
look kind of tired, huh?)

Kris serves in the Young Men's
organization in our ward.
Hunter, Jerry, Ty, and Chad during their
snow camp out two weeks ago.


It always takes him a little while to get used to
his body after he's been sleeping.
~Brian Andreas~

Uh, yeah. Especially if it was sleeping in the snow.

Was it the warm drink or the cold air that fogged
the glasses? Those who really know Kris,
know how he just loves the cold.

This was craziness. THE Chris Botti, came to
Turlock and performed at our Community
Theatre. An absolute thrilling evening.

Yes...he signed two CD's for me that night.

His sound is indescribable. I didn't know that
the trumpet could be as warm and hypnotic
as a well played violin, a well trained
voice, a perfectly played cello, or a piano that
has a true artist touching its keys.
But, brilliance and finesse is just that...
no matter the instrument.

The gal singing this song has sung with
the Rolling Stones for the last 18 years. Here, she is
singing a song from Chris Botti's latest CD...Italia.
Andrea Bocelli actually sings it on the CD. This
gals range was phenomenal. I enjoyed her higher
voice much more than I did her lower range show cased
here, however, you can hear the entire ensemble
in this clip...and the warmth of Chris Botti
on display. (He re-enters again,
midway through.)

Haha! Trumpet Tricks.
Playing off each other here...

The drummer was amazing. The pianist was
wonderful, the violinist, bass, and guitarist
were fabulous. Because my mother had just
had shoulder surgery...my folks were unable to join us
as planned. I immediately came home from this concert and
bought tickets for his July concert at Davies Symphony
Hall in San Francisco. Guess I'm a 'groupie' now.
Wanted my folks to be able to hear him.
Can't WAIT to hear who he
will bring as his guest artists. When he performed
and recorded his Live in Boston CD,
Yo Yo Ma and Sting were two of his
guests...to name a few. I'm banking on S.F.
bringing in a few big names to be with him!
It was a ridiculously amazing concert :) :)

For his official website, go here.
If you are a lover of music...you really should
visit the site. Maybe he's coming YOUR way...
and the quality of sound on the website is
much better than from my little camera.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Anne Marie! That is so exciting and wonderful for her! CONGRATULATIONS to Chase for embarking on his English teaching adventure in Brazil!
    CONGRATULATIONS to Call for making such a fine looking desk and coming up with his own design.
    Last but certainly not least, CONGRATULATIONS to Ty for getting his license...Yeah!
    There are certainly lots of wonderful things happening for your kids and I am so glad for them :)

  2. Congratulations to all...wow, lots of wonderful things going on in your life.
    Sweet.....life is good.

  3. After reading a post like that I think you look accomplished. You may feel tired but you look fabulous. So proud of your grown up babies! They're all doing wonderful things. Couldn't be happier for you guys.

  4. loved the updates on everyone. LOVED seeing you while i was home. and...unfortunately, i did not get a picture of abigail and the candy jar at grandma's house...i never had my camera with me when she was up to her schemes.

  5. Oh I loved this post. It's so good to see a little catch up on all the family. On paper, the Hyer's don't seem half bad eh?! Hope everything works out well for Chase. Way exciting place. And Call is staying as creative as ever apparently. Ty...oh boy. I trust him, I think :) You are daddy look so good. Makes me teary to see my parents like I know it does for you and your parents. I just think, "They're mine!". I love that quote about 'stuff' trying you together. Made me think of my friendships, with Ky and Carlie, etc. Love you~~~

  6. You always pack so many wonderful things into one blog I don't know where to begin! That is so exciting about Chase. A girl in our ward just came back from there (Sao Paulo South) for her mission. She came over the other day and showed me all her pictures, it is so beautiful there. I can't believe there are 27 missions in Brazil now, there were 3 back in my day. I am really anxious to hear where Anne Marie is going to end up, east coast is good! Snow camp looks fun, but cold and Ty driving, so nice for you!

  7. This post was accurately titled so it seems. A lot going on in the Hyer household as of late. I have kept meaning to ask about Chase and what he's been up to so I'm happy to see some clarification of that without me having to ask for it. As for your other children what can I say at times it must be quite the feat just to keep up with their constant comings and goings, one minute there.... and the next there.... Modern technology has come a long way since I was little in keeping track of children instead of that humiliating and sometimes rather hideous looking leash devised to keep track of one or more children. Now thank goodness we have great tracking devices at our finger tips like cell phones and Skype to keep you connected to your children which is so much less degrading.