08 January 2011

Number Nineteen

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

By far the cutest carolers to ever come to our door!
Debbie, Hailey and little Ava Holtzclaw
with some of their Dance Factory friends.

The blog title Number Nineteen refers to this years
Cousin Christmas Cookie Day. This year marked
year number nineteen that we've been gathering.
(for proof, see below)

Here we are the year our tradition started. Mark,
Anne Marie, Michelle, Chase, and myself.
(Note the butcher paper on the windows.
We had just moved in three months before.)

My mother, Anne Marie, and myself.

Sweet Lyndsay, with Brad and Melissa's baby, Cole.
Each year the family members present
vary depending on who happens to be home.
I was especially happy to have Lyn with
us this year. Her laugh and fun spirit are contagious.

All of the little people in this post are
first cousins once removed. Awesome that
they actually know and love each other.

Laura, Hailey, Brent, and Davis
(Parents: Ganon, Brad, Chad)

Laura, Hailey, and Craig

A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead and dreams
of a faraway place. A traveler on the plane sees
the farmhouse below and dreams of home.

Conspicuously absent from the Ten Commandments is
an obligation of parent to child. We suppose that
God felt it unnecessary to command by law
what He had ensured by love.


Ellen's mother, Marge, Craig, Christy, and Laura.

Welcome home from the mission, Michael!

Laura Grace's Christmas tree.

Michael and Anne Marie

Hailey looking at her newly decorated tree.

Maddy, I'm glad somebody enjoyed my
always-growing snowman collection!

If you see the world in black and white
you're missing important grey matter.
~Jack Fyock~

Nathan (Michelle's) and Madison (Ganon's)

Hailey (Brad's) and Nathan (Michelle's)

Davis and Brent

Spence, Michelle, G-pa and G-ma,
Davis and Scott (Michelle's husband).

In the happiest of our childhood memories,
our parents were happy, too.
~Robert Brault~

Cute Photo Award

It's one of nature's way that we often feel closer
to distant generations than to the generation
immediately preceding us.
~Igor Stravinsky~

Ty and Michelle
It tickles me so much that our grown up cousins
continue to come if they are in town, bringing
their spouses and children.
Love that!

This is a throw back to a memory instituted long ago.
Chase, Mark and Spence used to create what they called
the Leaning Tower out of cookies when they
were growing up. Mark's creation this year
was 100X less messy from the ones
of yesteryear!

One thing about parenting is the flexible hours, which
can be any arrangement totaling 24/7.
~Robert Brault~

Ty was born on Christmas Day! We have been
celebrating his birthday on Cousin Cookie Day ever
since he came along. This year was the
BIG 16!!

Not everything I do each day is out of love
or a promise made, but I make it a point
to get those out of the way first.
~Robert Brault~


  1. It was so fun to come to cookie day! Nathan enjoyed his first one! Thanks for doing it. :o)

  2. What a fun blog, I loved all of the pictures. Those Christmas tree carolers were awfully cute, I recognized the Hailey smile right away.

  3. LOVED all of the pictures. I can't wait until I can be there again, some day. I absolutely loved the picture of Grandpa down on the ground playing foosball with Davis. It made me excited to, someday, have kids to bring home to play with Grandpa. What a great tradition!

  4. What a great tradition! Happy Cookie Day =)

  5. I love the photo of (little) Hailey admiring her confections.
    P.s. I totally remember the butcher paper (!) and the day that Ty arrived on Earth. Look at world!