28 January 2011

The Final Christmas Act. Except...Nobody Dies.

~Christmastime is family time~
Boyd K. Packer

I read with deep feeling today an article in the Church
News entitled Jesus is the Christ, by President
Packer. For many various reasons, this
article resonated within my spirit. He wrote about
the Savior having siblings, as recorded in Mark,
and he shared about things as they are beyond the veil.

Below, are finally my "last" posted photos from
the holidays. You can see the pictures. What
you can't see are the feelings that
looking at them stirred in me today, especially
after reading and feeling the knowing, wise,
and reflective words of one of
God's apostles currently here upon the earth.

Kris and Anne Marie made some fantastic meals
they found from the Food Network. This was
New Years...yum!

A fresh 2011 morn...some Bolo Toss in Uncle Matt
and Aunt Molly's backyard with cousins.

Her only super powers are that she can walk
in heels without wobbling and if you don't
think that's amazing you've never tried it.
~Brian Andreas~

Jamin and Ann (in Uncle Creed and Aunt
Ellen's front yard), who we rarely get to
see. They live in Provo, where Jamin
is an English Professor at BYU.
One of their four was MIA...but it
was easier to grab what shot we could!
All parents understand!
Aren't they cute??

Kris, cutting oranges from Creed and Ellen's tree.
These are not your local grocery store variety.

The future is as bright as your faith.
President Thomas S. Monson

I am thankful for the hope of these words. And,
the faces of little Laura Grace and Emily
make them easy to believe in.
Pure innocence.
And, because of the Savior, our spirits
can reflect this truth...The future is
as bright as your faith.

Anne Marie and Madison.

It's such hard work for her to stop working.
Marilynne Robinson,
from Gilead.

My folks invited all family members on New Years
morning to come for traditional Swedish
Pancakes and Belgian waffles.
Mom started serving breakfast at 7:30 a.m.
and cooked until 12:15. Nonstop traffic.

Grandma 'plating' a Swedish pancake for Anne Marie.
For more about this family traidition, go here:

Sister packer and I have celebrated together 63
Christmases, and that is just the beginning.
[This was MY parents 61st Christmas together.]
We know that Christmastime is family time.
The joy of Christmas is when little children
are around. I know parents struggle through
the year in the raising of their children, but
at Christmastime we are glad to have them
around! They make the Christmas spirit.
Christmastime is family time.
~Boyd K. Packer~

While it's romantic to talk about growing
old together, it mostly happens
while you're napping.

Memory is merciful,
it fades past pain,
yet holds bright the colors
of recalled joy.

While gazing out of the window of life
tears that fell somehow
seem less tragic falling in the garden
of softening time.

And the wisdom of years
accepts eternal passages while
embracing the sublime.
~Richard D. Rowan. My brother.~

I love this photo.
Because I know how "in the moment"
Richard savors his time with his mom and dad.
Look at his face. Complete and total mindfulness
of the moment.

Kris with his beautiful mother, Mollie.
You can see where he got his good looks.
What you can't see, is how his
spirit resembles hers.
Or, on second thought...maybe you can!

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hyer
(Kris' brother Kevin's son.)
Married just after Christmas in the
Mount Timpanogas Temple.


  1. You have such wonderful family tradtions. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Day

  2. That last comment was from Teresa =)

  3. Marie, your blog brings me joy tinged with a teensy bit of envy. Okay, maybe not a teensy bit, but still. You are a blessed woman. But I'll bet you know that....

  4. Wow, looks like you guys had lots of fun over the holidays!!

  5. I love this post! My favorite spot is your dad with your brother... that Rowan "white" hair! I like that as we grow older we never catch up with our parents in age, but often we take on their appearances which binds us together even more.

  6. So many things to comment on. I love the bride's dress. Is that the Robert that Juliet dated? And Jamin a professor at BYU, I am really getting old. Anne Marie's hair is so long and beautiful! Great family pictures. I would love the Swedish pancake recipe.

  7. Your mom and dad are just so cute Marie!