20 January 2011

"If a bagpipe is played in the country, and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?"

We found out the answer to that
question is "yes." Amazing how this
instrument draws an audience.

Kris and Ty...not bothering the neighbors!
Practice where ya need to, I guess!
They are improving!

This is for you, Grandpa.
Scotland The Brave...or,
Praise to the Man.

Looking at his pipes last night, Ty said:
"This is such a beautiful instrument."
He found his musical love.
And, it makes my musical
bones smile...

(Yeah...those are earplugs you see him
removing at the end of the number!
We all need them.)

Amazing Grace

Life is one grand, sweet
song, so start the music.
~Ronald Reagan~

~Oh Rowan tree, oh Rowan tree,
Thou'lt aye be dear to me.~

Yes, Virginia...there IS a song entitled
The Rowan Tree. How awesome that
Ty's middle name is Rowan, and
that his great-Rowan-grandparents are
actually buried beneath one
of these trees.
(This was recorded before his teacher gave
the 'go ahead' to add any drones. Thus,
the lack of depth that you may notice.)


  1. Ok so this post almost made me cry. I think the reasoning is three fold. #1. I am so proud of Ty. To see the improvement all ready is so great. #2. I am missing out on all the practice and thus missing out on 'seeing' the improvement actually happen. #3. All the videos are recorded at home :( Love seeing home.

  2. Marie, I loved this! I fell in love with bagpipes when our Sara was on her mission in Scotland. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Saw your dad at church today and he couldn't wait to tell me about the bagpipes and Ty's love affair with them. Priceless. Your dad is such a special man-

  4. Do not worry those pipes definitely do not bother this neighbor! I love when they play, especially when I can hear it all the way in our garage! I told Ty he should come play in front of my window in the morning to wake me up haha! :) Very Sweet!

  5. What can I say...Ty is a very special young man! He is loved over here at the Falke house!