26 December 2010

Welcome to the Highlands.

~Christmas Morning~
~Happy 16th Birthday to Ty Morning!~

This was fun! Kris sent Ty on a scavenger hunt
Christmas morning to find his Bagpipes. He
about died when he realized where they
had been hiding for several weeks.

After running to the neighbors home...receiving
a clue...coming back to our home and
climbing up into the attic...Ty finally
discovers his Bagpipes safely tucked
away in the drawers beneath his bed.

Ty's first try at producing sound on his
new pipes. One learns and practices on a practice
chanter (sort of like a recorder) prior to 'moving'
to the real Pipes. Pretty cool he has
been able to actually make sound so soon!
This is no easy undertaking! The work has
just begun...but we were laughing
and having sooooo
much fun!

Awesome. Absolutely awesome. A dream
coming true. Ty has been like a little kid
literally waiting for Christmas! When he
took to the outdoors, we heard reports that
our friends on the next cul-de-sac over
heard him playing...and they were
inside their home.

I rarely am able to actually surprise Kris on
Christmas. However, I did so this year!
He has been taking lessons with Ty...but only
planned on getting the pipes for his son right now.
When all the activity died down a bit from Ty's
discovery...I sent Kris on his own hunt for
new pipes. Here, Ty is helping to tune
his dad's new find! Such a memorable
and fun morning! Next up: KILTS!!


  1. All I can say is WOW, I can't believe they were already able to play them and sound good! What a fun present and fun way to find it.

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  3. The mist is in a gloamin'. The heather is on the hill. The highlands and bogs. . . .

  4. We could hear and it was so cool! We all said, "I bet Ty boy got bagpipes!"