20 December 2010

Our G-Rated 'Adult Party.'

Turlock High School Combined Choirs Christmas Concert
Jennie Falke, Davis and Darcy
Woods, Ty Hyer, and Abby Falke

Ty's cousin, Doug came to support.

Abby and Ty...the models, add to their
already huge collection of photos
of the two of them together.
Love this. Fun kids!

Each Christmas season my parents treat their children
and spouses to a beautiful evening of dinner and
dessert. We exchange gifts with our siblings, enjoy
time together telling stories and laughing, and
receive special gifts from our parents, as well.
We always call it the "Adult Party" which
sounds rather curious. But, it's all
very G-rated.

Dad and Rick taking care of the steaks.

Mom's beautiful table.

No couple ever started a family
with a well-thought-out
exit strategy. ~Robert Brault~

Couldn't resist that little bit of humor. All these
years later...dear parents are still parenting.

Molly and Mom serving dessert.


The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:
the presence of a happy family all wrapped up
in each other. ~Burton Hillis~

Rick, Steve, and I get a little carried away from
time to time texting favorite quotes back and
forth from the T.V. show Modern Family.
Kris and I gave Rick a shirt we had made with
two of his favorites. The back of the shirt
reads "And we're back..."
Another beautiful and fun evening.
Thanks, mom and dad.


  1. What joy to get all together. Looks like a blast. It has been years since I have been around all my brothers and sisters... We all live in 5 different states.
    Merry Christmas

  2. They are so dressed up for the concert, they all look so good. The party looked so fun, what were in the huge gold boxes?