07 December 2010

The Family And The Gathering

Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Rowan's
i love little Laura's arms around Ava and Camille.

What greater blessings to give thanks for at
a family gathering than
the family and the gathering.

Long long ago dad turned the garage into
a wall-to-wall scrapbook. New photos
regularly are framed and hung. Everyone eagerly
delights in finding themselves in the newest additions,
as well as remembering past good times
amongst those that have been there "forever."

Robert and Jessica, with Ava and Sevilla.

Another Grandpa Rowan, with Sevi.

Mom's Ginko Leaves

Skepticism is a religion very rich in
evangelists but very short in Saviors.
Robert Brault

Great Grandpa Rowan, with
Great Granddaughter, Sevilla.

There are moments every day in family life
that in and of themselves would suffice
as the whole purpose of the enterprise.

This year we're having the words "There's more
gravy" stitched right on the napkins.

If you could find happiness by abandoning
those you love, exactly what would
you do with it?

What is certainty but complete faith, and how
then can faith not be the path to certainty?

A few of the great grandchildren.

Thanksgiving drawings
hung in Grandma's kitchen.

Bev and Steve

Brad and Melissa, with Cole and Hayley.


  1. I am SO glad that you post pictures of these family get togethers. It is so good to see pictures of everyone. I miss being there every year--and it is so fun to see pictures of all the little things I remember: the "garage," the picture walls, all of the kids in the back yard, Grandpa prepping the turkey. I also missed being at a Thanksgiving where gravy is given it's proper place (can you believe that gravy is the first thing my husband would give up of Thanksgiving dinner?)

  2. Love that he turned the garage into an "family" scrapbook, how wonderful is that!
    Thanks for sharing your day.

  3. As always, I love seeing your kids together. Love the scrapbook art installation. Turning the garage into a gallery? Genius.