05 November 2010

"Time Stands Still...."

Time stands still best in moments that
look suspiciously like ordinary life.
~Brian Andreas~

Surprise: To come upon suddenly or unexpectedly.

Wednesday night Chase showed up unexpectedly.
He had flown to San Francisco to attend the big
GIANTS celebration. The following morning,
Call showed up, having taken a solo road
trip through Yosemite...landing
straight in my arms. Just wanted
to be home for a day or two.

This was Kris' lunch hour. It was "Jersey Day"
at the office and he just happened to have
his Giants jersey on when all the boys
showed up with their hats.
Love it.

I wrote a note for the boys to go to the
High School and get Ty out of school for
"unexpected family obligations."

I don't think I lied.

And what a surprise to him! They spent the
day at the park doing what they used to do
for hours "back in the day." It felt so
familiar. It was delicious and
heart-twisting all at the same time.

Me and my boys. Where did the time go?

Life is short. God's way
of encouraging a bit of focus.

How're you doing? I said...and he said we're
undefeated in our appreciation of the game.
That's against incredible odds, he added...

The "Brian Wilson."

A lot of people have the mistaken belief that
Brian does this signal on the mound only in
remembrance of his father. He actually
is referencing Christ and how
without Him he is nothing.
(Video Below)

In other recent weekend news... Anne Marie
fulfilled a new years resolution by running a 1/2
marathon. See her there behind the gal in red?
She is to the right...smiling in blue.
Her TALL roommate, Brooke, is next to her.
(Or, is Anne Marie short?) :) :)

In her words:

...running through the canyon
with all the leaves on the trees and ground, snow on the
mountain tops, and 3,000 fellow runners
all around me...
At one point I turned off my ipod and just listened
to the river we were running along and the
rhythmic pounding of thousands of shoes
on the pavement.

Often what seems an impossible climb is just
a staircase without the steps drawn in.


  1. How awesome is that! So fun to have some unexpected time with your boys. And what a good mother to know that school just isn't that important. Yeah for the Giants!

  2. So so familiar. Did we realize as kids how lucky we were to grow up across the street from a park where throwing the ball was just the casual easy way to end the day?! At one point I realized sadly that the whole family had been together and I was the one missing piece! SAd to miss, but all those photos of the three boys together...that's just classic time they need and should have as brothers :)

  3. How exciting to have such a fun surprise! Did Call and Chase know the other was coming? Very nice tribute by the ball player, I am glad your team won. And I can't believe Anne Marie ran a half marathon, that is such a great feat. I told her that running around the block would be a feat for me.

  4. Great new post. I have to concur with you, where does the time go. Spontaneity pretty much sums up the lives of your kids. What a great thing. Memories in the making. Playing hooky for "family obligations" classic. I love it. Wish I had had those moments when I was in Highschool. Oh well. Your kids are lucky ducks.


  5. I bet Ty was smiling when his two brothers showed up. I love seeing your boys together. What a great day.

  6. Great pictures of your boys!!! And good for Anne Marie!

  7. what a great moment to share as a family!