27 October 2010

A Perfect Day!

Last weekend in San Francisco

Hi, I'm Forrest Gump. People
call me Forrest Gump.

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never
know what you're gonna get.

You have to do the best with what God gave you.

I'm not a smart man...but I know
what love is.

A sign on the wall inside
of the restaurant.

Boarding the boat to Alcatraz.

(Kris and Ty with headphones on.)
U.S.P Alcatraz
Regulation #23

If you make Groundless
Complaints for the purpose of
creating dissatisfaction and/or
stirring up trouble...you will be
subject to Disciplinary Action.

(I bought a magnet for the refrigerator
with this regulation quote on it.)

It was rainy and cold (wouldn't quite be S.F.
any other way, right?)...but Ty wanted to check
out the outdoor recreation area.

The audio tour was very well done.
We all found it very fascinating.

After an interesting time changing from wet clothes
and wet hair in our car in the underground parking
lot...we entered the gorgeous Davies Symphony
Hall to listen to...
...Joshua Bell. He played Bruch's
Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor. Words cannot
adequately express how fabulous the evening
was. I guess that's why it's called music. It can
only be described by listening and feeling.

For a most interesting article, including videos
explaining an "experiment" that Joshua Bell
participated in several years ago at
L'Enfant Plaza in Washington D.C.
go here. What would you have done?

Such a stunning building. After several call-backs,
Joshua returned and delivered a humorous and
compelling rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Art thou troubled? Music will calm thee.
Art thou weary? Rest shall be thine.
Music, source of all gladness,
Heals thy sadness at her shrine,
Music, music ever divine.
Music, music calleth with voice divine.

From Handel's opera, Rodelinda.

We ran into Steve and Susan Thomas!

And, we must mention that we were sitting in the
concert in S.F. when the GIANTS won the pennant
to move on to the World Series. Following
intermission, the conductor announced to anyone
who hadn't already found out via text or phone call
that the Giants had "done it." It was great
fun to cheer...even at Davies!!

I actually took the photos above and below
in Ty's room a couple of months ago...but since
tonight is the first game...this seems an
appropriate time to share a bit of fan fever.

Who would have known when we purchased our
concert tickets that the Giants would be playing
their deciding game at the same time?
It all thankfully, worked out!

(My personal favorite? The tiny
Baskin Robbins scoop hat...


  1. Oh...Regulation #23
    That is going up at the Nut House... in BIG letters.
    Looks like a fabulous family time.
    Happy Day

  2. I love that number 23, too. Is it too early to implement that as a family rule with my kids being as young as they are?

    A Joshua Bell concert sounds so dreamy.

  3. Fact! Ha I love that I know where that comes from. You and Ty look so much alike, and then he stands next to dad and they look so alike too, so I can't decide. Guess it was a mix! Fun fun day. And perfect SF weather, cus being the bay it seems fitting. Beautiful building too. Would love to go someday.

  4. Wow! Looks like a fabulous time! I love the Joshua Bell story in D.C. I used it in Seminary. In fact, I think you are the one that sent it to me! Thanks! By the way, it's kind of fun to have just one child at home to do some fun things with. We really enjoyed those last couple of years with just Couls at home.

  5. Looks like a cold day in SF but what a great list of activities. I love that sign! Alcatraz is an interesting tour and that symphony hall is beautiful. It is fun to be the last child home and get to do all those things. You look really pretty in the picture at the symphony hall.

  6. Love the photos of Ty and his mom...adorable! This was a great post Marie. I think it is so precious to do things with these last kids of ours...for me it is coming all too quickly when she will be off to college next year. Too soon for me :( I still can't believe that your major Giants fan had to miss the final game of the World Series tonight...life is crazy! Good thing that the last moments will be replayed on the internet for him! We love and adore Ty :)

  7. it looks like the perfect day! i love the brian adrias quote, "time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life." it sounds like your day was full of these moments.

  8. I love that quote, too Rachael. Perfect words. Should have used it!!