11 October 2010

Viva Las Weekend!

Kevin and Kris

This past weekend Kevin and Kris participated in the
RTC 2010 Viva Bike Vegas Ride.
They had so much fun planning for the day by
comparing training rides, talking about what
food and drinks would work best,
and calculating the wind and weather.

There were over 2,000 participants
who actually paid money to ride a bike
for a total possible 115 miles. Kris and Kevin rode
113 miles! Before you say "Oh! Only two more miles
and they would have had it..." this is the deal. For those
who wanted to eat the lunch provided by the sponsors of
the ride, you had to veer off the path for one mile...eat the
lunch, and then backtrack one mile to rejoin the path. Instead,
Kevin and Kris were met by Anne Marie, Grandma Hyer,
and Kevin's wife, Catherine who brought them In-N-Out!
Several others did their own thing for lunch, as well.

5:30 A.M. Pre-ride entertainment.
Elvis, of course!
Kris said he passed one rider during the ride who
was dressed like Elvis...puffy shirt, sideburns and all.

Only dead fish go with the current.
~Reuben Bajada~

The peloton of over 2,000 are escorted out
of town by the police to begin their ride.

At about the 45 mile mark on the brand new
Hoover Dam Bypass. All of the bike participants
were the very first people to cross the bridge.
It has yet to open for vehicles.

~Only by going too far can one possibly find
out how far one can go.~
Reuben Bajada

Kevin sent me this photo of Kris at the end of
the ride. Wearing his medal of honor, he is
unable to eat. "Wasted" would be
an accurate description.

I've got a great ambition to die of
exhaustion rather than boredom.
~Thomas Carlyle~

In other weekend news...this is a desk Call is currently
making. He has used one hand saw and one hammer
to produce this unfinished but already good looking piece.
It will have a glass top. I like the built in lights!

And in yet other weekend news...
while others were doing their things, Ty and I
went to the Gallo Center in Modesto to see the
Drumline Live, Onstage production. Remember
the movie? It was absolutely awesome. We just
laughed the whole show long.

They absolutely brought down the entire house!
It was a two hour show and they did all kinds of
music and staging from the 40's right up to
2010 with lots of colorful dress changes.
Incredible musicians.

Recently, they returned from sold out performances
in Japan. Their next destination is New Orleans.
Awesome. Just a blast from start to finish.

"Promo" below if you are interested:


  1. 115 miles in a day...man....It would take me a month! Way to go!
    Looks like you had a fabulous weekend.

  2. I just went private on my blog I want to send you an invite. Please email me @ agtimr@yahoo.com Looks like you're doing great! Thanks for sharing all your pictures and videos! :)

  3. Each time Dan has done those long rides he comes home promising he'll never even consider doing another one. And then he does, and if he doesn't get to do one that he really wanted to do he's sad he missed it.

    Call's desk is awesome. Can't wait to see his finished product.

  4. So many great things, Kris is a stud for doing that huge ride, he does look a little wasted at the end. And that is great Call made that desk! I have never heard of the drum group, it looked really funn.