07 September 2010

The Waves Are Still Rolling

Ty channeling his "Inner Grandma Rowan."

Ty and Abby Falke in Cambria

These two have been buddies forever. I remember
one birthday Abby had when she was little...
Ty picked out some little matchbox
cars to give her!

Probably at about this age!
Here they are a few years back...

And earlier this year on a Church temple trip...

...and at the dance festival.
Good buds. She'll be missed when
she graduates from H.S. this year. Since they
are both the youngest (and last ones at home) in
their families, they really are like brother and sister.

Some clowns from the Cambria Labor Day
Parade visited our breakfast table.

This was our attempt at a group photo.

Kris getting some miles in (rode to Hearst
Castle two different days) before his big
ride in October in Vegas with his brother, Kevin.

Ty's impression of Leonardo DiCaprio.
a dull moment with Ty around.

Time wasted at the beach is not time wasted.


  1. What a beautiful place you have to go with your family.....I love the beach.
    Best friends are great.

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  3. Repost... I am 'stealing'.... "time wasted at the beach is not time wasted" for my blog! I knew we had the same rhythm beating through our souls.

  4. That darling picture when they were little brings back memories, so cute. Ty has the best smile and he is much cuter than Leo. I love your new picture at the top. The attempt at family photo is so great with you guys in the background. Kris has glasses! It happens to the best of us! I totally agree with that quote also, my kingdom will be all beach!

  5. i love the picture of little ty and abby. they look so cute. and ty's picture imitating leo is hilarious.

  6. Loved this post. A few photos in I realized it was going to be a lot of Ty and Abby and I was so excited! They are so the best buds....and both look so genuinely happy when they smile because they are good kids! I kept calling Kaitlin over to show her more photos. Might as well have just sat next to me and watched me go through it ha. Looks like a great trip~

  7. Wow, Ty totally looks like Leonardo. That Abbie is a fun girl!

  8. What great buddies those two are. When people heard Abby went with you they would say, "Abby went?" We were like, "Duh..why wouldn't she?" They obviously don't know Ty & Abby's relationship like we do. Thanks for taking her. She had a total blast. Brad

  9. Thank you so much Hyers for having Abby to Cambria for the weekend. She had a FABULOUS time and LOVES your family!!! Ab and Ty have so much fun together and truly love eachother like brother and sister! Thanks again...

  10. I absolutely LOVE the pict. of Ty and Abby...truly priceless!