13 September 2010

Grandpa, Grampio, G-Pa, Gramps, Great-Grandpa, Bobby, R.D., Dad, Artist, President, Dr. Rowan

Grandpa (my daddy) with Ty last
week at Ty's soccer game. For some reason,
I love this photo. And, so does Ty.

You're just a nice-looking boy, a bit slight,
well scrubbed and well mannered. All that
is fine, but it's your existence I love you for,
mainly. Existence seems to me now the most
remarkable thing that could ever be imagined.

From a book I recently read: "Gilead"
by, Marilynne Robinson

I swiped a few photos from Anne Marie's
blog (and added a few of my own). She
recently posted these of Grandpa and Grandma
at a surprise anniversary dinner held in their
honor. It was in Utah, and mainly attended
by their grandchildren living in that area.

These photos are classic because they show my
father "making the rounds." If you don't feel
important being his child or grandchild,
then there is a problem. And, it's not his!

Just a few things he is good at:

~Tells the best jokes ever...if he can get through
them without cracking up.

~Can make anything from a winning Pinewood
derby car, to glass art, to bunkbeds.

~Provides emotional support.

~Is good at catching raccoons.

~Is an anchor in a world of shifting values.

~Can quote more scriptures from memory
than you can imagine.

~Can use an iphone...well, he's learning!

~Gives his children and grandchildren an
appreciation of the past and a sense of history.

~Can whistle like nobody else.

~Appreciates beauty and the moment~

~Loves his wife~

photos by michelle

...And then there are the Great-grandchildren.
This is Nathan, Michelle and Scott's little one.

In a houseful of toddlers...you can start out
having a a bad day, but you keep
getting detoured.

~Sometimes we regret, more than any
words spoken, a silence not broken.~

And...if you'd like a warming-of-the-heart
reflection, go here for an uplifting post.


  1. You are so lucky, I hope you know that!

  2. I've loved your dad (and mom)for a long, long time. I'm grateful for the things I have learned from both of them.....

  3. This was sweet. I stared and stared at that photo of them in the kitchen for some reason. All the sudden I think I just 'saw' them differently. I started to think of all their 'ways'. Love them. Love you.

  4. Sweet, sweet post Marie. I know you cherish every moment with them!