17 September 2010


In 1977, my dear friend, Cindy Schaffer Brink,
who was not a member of the Church at that time,
and I were involved in a Church dance festival. To
this day, I still regard both her and her husband
as two of my dearest friends, even though the years
have slipped so quickly by. Some connections
linger...no matter what. And for me, the
binding in my heart remains.
It has always fascinated me that we
spend a mere eighteen years at home...but we refer to
them and draw upon them forever. They shape us.
Cindy is currently involved in the Lodi-Manteca-Stockton
dance festival. Recently, she was talking with
the director about her first involvement in a
dance festival. One thing led to another, and
before she knew it she was making a YouTube video
to share with the youth on a dance festival blog that is
under construction in their area. It was a fun
surprise to see her sweet story told below.
I love you, friend.

We all take different paths in life, but
no matter where we go, we take a
little of each other everywhere.

~Tim McGraw~


  1. Never thought I'd actually see you quote or read a quote on your blog from Tim Mcgraw! But then again wonders never cease. :) I like it, keep it up!


  2. That is so great, Marie. You have hit the bigtime if you've made it to Youtube. Her story has many similarities with my Mom's story. I bet her kids are already hearing the Marie Rowan stories like we hear Amy Mortenson stories.

  3. That was so fun to hear her story and your part in it. You never know when something as simple as inviting someone to participate in an activity will bring them the gospel.

  4. I am touched in such a sweet way.