29 August 2010

Ty's Back-To-School Photo(s)

Ty 'heading' the ball
(click to enlarge)

In the last two weeks, several of my friends and family
posted back-to-school-photos of their children. It made
me realize that this year it didn't even occur to me to take
the traditional "backpack and lunch in hand" photo.
(For which I'm sure Ty is grateful.)
The one standing in the same place on the same rock
where the children have posed for the last twenty years.

Stop the wind. Stop time for a minute.

From A Lantern in Her Hand, by
Bess Streeter Aldrich

Soccer games played this weekend: Four
Goals made by Ty (including this one): Seven
Years left before we are "empty nesters": Three
So weird.


  1. So strange. Three years. You HAVE to get a photos of Ty boy on that rock. It's such a classic. Tell Ty awesome photo of that one where he's in the air.

  2. Three more years! Why does he seem older to me? Does he realize how lucky he is to have three more years at home...as the ONLY child?!? I had two years as an only lonely & they were just fine. Granted, I had pretty great Merced friends (ohhhh Merced) who kept me sane. But really, those are some great years ahead of him. I can hear it already, "I can't believe you are letting Ty _________. You NEVER let me do that". To which you will respond, "well, you were never the only one at home".

    Great back to school photos. Go dogs!

  3. Wow. That first picture is so AWESOME!!

  4. Love the soccer shots. What a great time of life.

  5. Wow, what a shot, is that Kris at work again?