28 July 2010

July Really Has Been "America The Beautiful" Month

"From the Mountains, To the Prairies,
To the Oceans white with foam." We have
seen them all.
This post: "To The Prairies..."

Soda Springs, Idaho
Corbridge Family Reunion
(Kris' mother is a Corbridge.)

This made my eyes water because when I looked out
at them...in my mind I saw this:

Then, I refocused and loved seeing two
brothers enjoying being together again.
They were joined at the hip for years.

On our way to Soda Springs we passed Kris'
birthplace: Malad, Idaho.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single
moment before starting to improve the world.
~Anne Frank~

Aunt Zan is good at that...improving the world
around her. She is holding Calder and Ivy's
little Piper who is adorable. And, look at
Grandpa smiling in the background.

~I like her because she smiles at
me and means it.~

Catherine and I discovered we came dressed...

...very similarly.

I love catching them like this.

Remember---we all stumble, every one of us.
That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand.
~Emily Kimbrough~

There are exactly as many special occasions in
life as we choose to celebrate.

Kris catching up with cousins.

We cannot destroy kindred: Our chains stretch
a little sometimes, but they never break.
~Marquise de Sevigne~

Hat's off to the many hands that
prepared extraordinary meals.

During dinner, Diane stepped in to introduce
the theme for this years traditional hayride.

At the beginning of the hayride, cousins did a
live interpretation of The Mysterious
Ticking Noise. Pretty funny. To see the
puppet version, go here.

Team Gryffindor vs. Team Slytherin


Kris' mother, Mollie is one of three remaining siblings.
She and her two younger sisters have always been
referred to in their family as "the three little girls."
The three of them were our "program" for Friday night.
They shared stories and reminisced about their
parents, as well as their siblings. Just watching them
together is "program" enough. Very sweet and fun.

Riding the horses.

Mollie with all of her children
and their spouses.

Such beautiful country...

Feeling down? Saddle up...

Time is a figure eight, at its center
the city of Deja Vu.

Kris and his dad years ago, in the same place.
(Don't you think Ty looks like little Kris here?)

Ty, Justin, and Jared.

Chandler and Karen

A color-coded generational map of family
missionaries and where they have served , or
where they are currently serving.

Chandler, Karen, Kevin and Jessica.

Kevin, Catherine, Robert and Hannah.

Kevin and Jessica tubing at Lava Hot Springs.

Tubing at Lava. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
The first run went relatively smooth for most. But, by the
end of the second run Derek had flipped and hit a rock...two
teeth came through his bottom lip area. Call's ring made by
Uncle Ric fell off, Karen's leg got scraped, Anne Marie
went under for a scary moment, Kris hit a rock and
gained a bald spot on the top of his head, and
Chase's back got scraped up and was bleeding.

~The nice thing about family disasters is that you
never have to wait long before the next one puts
the previous one into perspective.~

"Chilling" in a hot spring.
Pun intended.

Small town parades are fun!
Happy 'Founders Day!'

We drove through Lewiston and stopped at the farms
still owned by Kris' mother. Kris used to work on these
farms as a young boy during the summers, and our
kids have heard many stories about this place!

We had time, so we stopped in Logan to see the temple
where Grandma and Grandpa Hyer were married.
Anne Marie and Ty had never seen it and were
really taken by how beautiful and different
it appeared. Anne Marie said "Ooooh.
I want to get married here!
It looks like a castle!"

Now, c'mon. It wouldn't be a real photo
shoot if Ty didn't snag the camera
and take a few self portraits.

"For time and all eternity."
That's us.


  1. Wow. Now that is a family reunion. Looks Amazing.

  2. Oh my goodness! What a fun trip!
    I remember those two little boys! I spent many hours at your house babysitting them. What a good looking family you have!

  3. Yes, you do have a beautiful life....looks like a great time.

  4. How fun, I agree the Logan temple is BEAUTIFUL, fairytale like! I remember those hot springs! Great times.

  5. You have the best family reunions. I don't think I have ever seen a picture of Chris' siblings. I love the picture of Ty and Call when they were little. I was going to say my favorite part was your tubing adventure until I read what you said about it, glad there was nothing more serious. It still looked very fun. That Logan temple is really beautiful.

  6. Somehow it surprises me every single time that your boys are MEN. (For the record, it still suprises me that I am a WOman. So there you go.)

    I love the Logan Temple, too. So beautiful.

  7. That was great. Laughed out loud at many of the quotes, and others I just wrote down cus I loved them. That was a fun week. To quote you, if I may, "There's nothing like a photo to show how time's passed." So true.

  8. My favorites were the photos of the boys when they were little and the one of Kris with his dad on the horse...wow, so sweet!