18 July 2010

The "FALL" Boys

Havasupai, Arizona

I grew up with four brothers. For as long as I can
remember, I have always delighted in listening
to a group of boys telling stories about their
adventures; the details, the inside jokes, the
directness...the "boy-ness." It is just plain fun. I have
had a blast listening to Kris and Ty describe the details of
their recent adventure. I hope the parents and
leaders of the boys will enjoy these photos!

If we would listen to our kids, we'd discover that
they are largely self-explanatory.

The garage sale before the trip to
help earn money for expenses.

Look at all of those shoes! Our ward was
amazingly supportive by donating oodles
of good useable clothing, furniture, toys, etc.
The photos do not do justice to the amount of stuff
we gathered to sell. For a few weeks, our garage
looked like we could be on the next episode
of the "Hoarders" television show!

The morning finally came for departure.
Last minute decisions.

Teachers and Priests and their leaders. I happen to be
the Sunday School teacher for the Teachers. The day
before they were to leave, I overheard their conversation...
full of anticipation for the next morning: "Dude. We are so
lucky. We have three "sick" dads who are going with us!"

Definition of Sick: Groovy, Wicked, Bad, Cool, Awesome.
That oughta' cover it...

Eight miles to the village...

...two more miles to the campsite.


Havasupai Falls. For those who have been there,
the floods in 2008 "rearranged" the falls. This
is how they currently appear.

~Michael Jumping~

It was hot. But the water was cold.

Hunter, Ty, Chad

Rock Falls

~We sat at this point and let
our eyes wander across the canyon.
All worries seeped away into the
strong stillness and there was silence.~

(Well. Maybe not...with all of those boys.
But, it's a nice thought!)

Cliff Jumping

Ty shoots a photo of himself as he takes the plunge.

Pretty sure you can see what
their favorite activity was!

Bishop and Kris

One of the boys took this from "Behind the waterfall..."



Boys swimming and climbing.


The nice thing about teamwork is that you
always have others on your side.
~Margaret Carty~

Mooney Falls


Hiking to Beaver Falls

Ty, Chad, Hunter and Jerry at Beaver Falls

The boys raced boats they carved out of wood.

Ty swinging out into the water.

Hunter swinging...

Jerry swinging...

Hiking to Beaver Falls.

~The human spirit needs places where nature
has not been rearranged by the hand of man.~

Racing the boats they made.

Following their boats.
I just love hearing the fun in their voices!

It was a good week. Now they have something
to write about when asked to compose that
"What I did on my summer vacation essay..."


  1. Wow...how fun ....something they will be telling their kids about.
    Happy day

  2. Looks like it was a successful and fun trip for the boys. I can just imagine what your garage would look like in my head, and the "Hoarders" show from what you said probably fit the bill. The show makes me cringe. I could never live like that. I would go insane and probably have to be admitted. But then again I am some what of a pack rat, but I only save the necessary childhood memories all contained into three separate tubs. Yes I'm an organized pack rat, better than hoarder any day!

  3. That is the absolutely most gorgeous place I have ever seen. How come the girls never get to do anything fun like that. Did they really go all the way to Arizona? Did they drive?

  4. How Fun!!! What great memories were created.

  5. That is the coolest place. I want to go there.

  6. What an amazing place...these boys will never forget it!