23 May 2010

This and That

Baseball at A T & T Park with the Mangrum's.
S.F. Giants vs. Houston Astros.

~You wouldn't have won if we'd beaten you ~
~A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore~
~You can observe a lot by just watching~
Yogi Berra

My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I
was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off
the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging.
~Hank Aaron~

A young children's chorus sang the National Anthem.

This is a home around the corner from where we
live. They have a horseshoe shaped driveway.
Every spring there is a spectacular
show of one kind or another.

Fact: In China and Japan, orange is used to
symbolize happiness and love.

The youth in the Stake recently participated in
and presented a dance festival. Ty was partners
with his good buddy, Abby for this dance.

Going to their rooms one day recently to
"dress down" resulted in this! Pretty funny.

Last month a friend who lives in the beautiful
Mariposa hills held a "Spring Event" on her
property. With the help of several others she
provided lunch and entertainment. A few of her
good friends who have their own small businesses
were there. From handmade hair bows to
vintage garden accesories it was all lovely.
Out of a magazine kind of lovely!
(To see several posts of
this event, go here.)

My sister-in-law Ellen (in blue) and
her sister, Karla were there. Each
guest received a parasol.

A few of those selling items were
'stationed' inside this sweet little cottage.

Vinyl quotations, like the one
above were available to purchase.

My mother came with me and we both so enjoyed
seeing all of the beautiful growing things.

~A mother sees past our excuses to
the real reason its not our fault~
Great quote, huh?! Made me chuckle!


  1. Marie...thank you for your sweet comments about the event. It was fun to see you there with your Mother.
    Looks like the dance festival was a big hit.
    Have a wonderful spring day.

  2. What a bunch of fun "this and thats"! Do I know this person who had that wonderful event? I recognized Ruth but that was it. That is so great that you guys are still doing dance festivals, those were great times. Loved the kids in their twin lounge outfits.

  3. I must admit that my favorite part was watching the video of Ty with Abby...they certainly are cute and funny and delightful when they are together. Abby was so "over the moon" happy about her surprise birthday wake-up the other night (12:18 am)...so dang fun! She felt very loved by her friends! I can't wait to click over onto Anne Marie's blog right now. Macy just mentioned that it is wonderful.

  4. Ahhh. California poppies. Love them.

  5. I really enjoyed the video of the Stake Dance Performance. So Nice