06 May 2010


To Be Planted Was Planted
Some of you may recall a post I did (TBP) in October, 2009.
We lost a couple of Liquidamber trees to a storm, and
someone anonymously purchased a new one
for us at our local nursery. The photo below
shows how it looked seven months ago.

At the time,
I shared this thought:

You can't live a perfect day without doing something for
someone who will never be able to repay you.
~John Wooden~

We have not yet removed the large roots left by the trees
we lost. And, because of how large the roots get, we will
probably not replant Liquidambers, but perhaps
a Redbud or two.
However, I cannot part with my tree that was
gifted to us in love and kindness. So...

...here it is. Planted in a pot that I know is too small. But,
I love the fresh green leaves on it and I love that it was
a gift from a friend who cared about how sad I was
to lose my beautiful trees. No kidding, every time I look at it,
I smile. The blue pot adds fantastic color as well, and I
am going to enjoy it just like this. I love it.
Thank you, good friend.

Overnight it rained, and the wind switched into the west,
and this morning my garden is fresh in the sun, and its scent
wafts through my window. But if I sit in my garden, who
will keep my appointment in town? But if I go into town,
who will sit in my garden?

Perhaps this answers the above question.

Ty and I saw this beautiful full rainbow a couple of
weeks ago as we drove through Hickman.

~My heart leaps up when I behold a
rainbow in the sky~
William Wordsworth


  1. It looks so pretty there in the pot, maybe you will just have to get a bigger pot. We have a sad tree story too, it is happening today.

  2. Tree's help make a house a home.
    Love your story. =)

  3. Wow. Amazing pictures . . . again.