31 May 2010

For The Family

I have the testimonies of Grandma and Grandpa Rowan
on video which I will provide the family with. They
are especially touching.

Sunday afternoon at Pine Mountain, 2010.

Madison and Laura

Uncle Matt seems to always outdo himself when it comes
to providing the evening games. This year was no exception.

(I used my camera battery up on videos of mom and dad, so had
to rely on my iphone for the remainder of my photos and videos.
Quality not great. But better than nothing at all.)

Emily and Thomas going head to head.
Had to stack a certain number and then
bring them back down without crashing.

Christy, Davis, and Craig.

Madison and Davis

A woman's hands,
finest tools may be,
To serve, to mold, to teach,
God's humanity.

Grandpa conducted church and keeping with tradition
briefly updated the where-abouts and
goings-on of each and every family member.
Important details included. Amazing.

The memories these two
have created...

Happy Thomas

Ellen and Creed

Hey Doug...can we all come to church
in socks?? Pine Mt. at its best.

Grandpa Steve and Hayley

Chad and Craig

Uncle Kris' traditional breakfast.

Matt and Molly had one of the
prettiest docks we've ever had.

Jennie, Andrew, and Camille

Playing Ping Pong.
Watch Hayley. She walks over and puts a
ping pong paddle on the ground and says
"You're Welcome" twice! I think I'm the only
one who heard. So cute!

Brent, Davis, Thomas, Craig and Andrew.
Where did all of these little people
come from?

Emily, Madison, Laura, Camille and Hayley.
The next generation is reminding the original
siblings how it was when it all began...24 years ago.

Impromptu Entertainment

"Dynasty." A new competition.

Grandpa Rick and little Andrew.
A sweet pair.

Grandpa counting down for the start of the
"Suck up and hold an M&M on the end of
a straw" game, and carry it to the bowl.

Hayley fishing for weeds.

"Junk in the Trunk"
Kleenex boxes buckled around the waist
with six ping pong balls inside. First
one to jump up and down enough to empty
their Kleenex box wins...then Kris and Ty
just have fun building a different pyramid
after the real stacking game was over.

First one to stack six Ding Dong's on
their forehead without them falling wins.

Well, this is one way to call it even...

And, in conclusion...where else are you
allowed to end the night, and the weekend,
by destroying the pyramid with flying rolls?


  1. Ahh i don't have time right now to watch any of the videos! And that's killing me! I have to go tutor the kids in the mango grove at 1:00. But this does look like a pretty house, and all the little kids must have given it such a different feel. So strange to see it start over. I'll come back and watch them all and love it~

  2. What a nice vacation. Where is Pine mountain? The place you stayed looks really nice.

  3. I'm guessing this was a family reunion. Is this something you do every year at the same place?
    What fun.

  4. oh I am SO sad that I missed the weekend, and all for nothing! I know you all had a great time, as usual. Thanks for posting all the pictures/videos of Hayley. Brad said she had the time of her life and I'm glad I got a little glimpse of it!

  5. I can tell you have a wonderful family. What a precious experience to all be gathered together.
    Love your blog title!
    Best wishes, MoSop

  6. Finally got a down moment to watch them all. So fun. So fun.

  7. OH what fun it is to be a Rowan!! Hopefully someday, one day, we can make it back to Pine Mountain so Abigail can experience the fun. Thanks for the pictures and the post. I heard so many great things about the weekend.

  8. Aunt Marie,
    Thanks for posting all of these. I'm so glad for the videos, Tom, Emi and I sat and watched them over and over tonight. What fun memories we all have.