28 April 2010

You Have Brains In Your Head

FIVE cousins graduate from Brigham Young University
on the same day! Mark and Spencer from the Rowan side.
Chandler and Karen (husband and wife) from the Hyer
side. Anne Marie riding both sides of the family fence!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy who'll decide where to go.
Dr. Seuss

It is indeed ironic that we spend our school days
yearning to graduate and our remaining days
waxing nostalgic about our school days.
Isabel Waxman

Wow. Kris and I graduated from this beautiful place in
1984. We met here. We fell in love here. Walking
the campus still feels like we belong here. And now,
our very first college graduate seems to think
this is her campus. How does that happen so fast?

With a slight change to the pronunciation of her name,
Anne Marie walks the graduation plank.

I just missed the turning of the tassles by
about four seconds. Fun to watch! But,
the hooping and hollering that followed was
fun...and only if you have Eagle eyes will you
spot Anne Marie before that man rudely
stands to take a photo of someone HE loves,
and blocks the view of someone I love! :)

When you have brought up kids, there are memories
you store directly in your tear ducts.

I guess I have never really doubted that we are all
born to our guardian angel.


Anne Marie with her Hyer cousins.
Karen's mother made leis out of dollar
bills for Chandler and Karen. One hundred
bucks on each lei!

Dodd and Zan with Chandler and Karen.

To us, family means putting your arms around each
other and being there. ~Barbara Bush~

My brother Creed and Sister-in-Law Ellen, with Spencer.
My brother Steven and Sister-in-Law Bev, with
Mark and Bev's mother, Donna.
Kris, myself, and Ty with Anne Marie and
her Grandma Hyer.

(I am missing the Hyer version of this group photo.
I was busy with cameras belonging to other
people, and missed getting the shot myself. Someone
please send me one!)

Donna, Bev, Mark and Steve

Anne Marie was so happy to
have her "Brumsy" there!

With Grandma Hyer

How fun is this...to finish college and celebrate with
people you have shared Christmas 'cookie days' with...
experienced Pine Mountain 'candy fests' with...
and most recently 'Sunday cousin dinners'
with while attending college?

Call recently moved to Provo and was interviewing for
a job during the first day of ceremonies. He got the
job! Then, ran over with a lovely bouquet of
flowers and found his sister. She was
pleased he was able to attend the
next day's college ceremonies
where she actually "walked."

With those eyes...
...had to do the glitter to match the robe!

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.
~John Leonard~

I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar,
but I cherish the friend who for me does not
consult his calendar.

Kylie and Anne Marie. Dear friends
since they were 18 months old and enjoyed their first
play date together. These sweet girls have supported
and been there for each other in everything
important throughout their lives. I don't
anticipate a change in that!

I walked in and sat down...right in front of my cousin,
Marla who lives in Utah. Crazy. The Marriott Center
seats only 22,700 people, so naturally our blood
gravitated to the same place?? Our fathers are
brothers. I think we look like kin, don't you?!

In college I sang in a choir with Eric Jones who became
a dear friend. When he married Pia (next to me), Kris
and I enjoyed a year of married fun with them before
our college days came to a close and we headed off
in different directions. Eric passed away seven years
ago. Pia invited me to speak at his funeral. I still have
yet to delete his name from my list of email contacts.

She has since married just a great guy, Dennis Todd, who
was good friends with Eric and himself has a son
named Eric. Dennis is a perfect fit. We had a wonderful
and warm, but too-short reunion with them. Eric and Pia's
children are Jordan...recently called to serve in the Accra, Ghana
mission, and Stephanie who has been accepted to
two law schools...so far! Thanks you guys!!

BYU plays a three game series against their
rivals...the University of Utah...where
our son, Chase, attends college!

Alex Wolfe, #18 hit a walk-off home run in the final
game to win the series for BYU. Ty got the ball and
went with his sister onto the field to get the ball signed.
Kris and Ty were standing next to the grandparents of
Alex' wife, and found out that Alex was offered a contract
right out of high school with the Boston Red Sox for
over $300,000 dollars. He served a mission for the
Church instead. Maybe we should watch for him??

Anne Marie and Chase

There is a bond forged between people who have hid
under the same bed from the same parents.

This is Bag Number One...

This is Bag Number Two...

By accident we picked up the wrong bag at the Oakland
Airport. When we discovered the mistake the evening
we got home...we phoned the person who was listed
on the tag. Unbelievable. They had done the same
thing, and had our bag. What's more...they lived just down
the road in Modesto. When Kris went to meet them
and exchange bags...the two men laughed. They knew
each other from serving in the Church. Crazy. Those
bags could have traveled anywhere or been
picked up by anyone.


  1. Wow, I loved the whole blog, all the pictures and adventures. And what a crack up about the bag, glad it turned out so easy! Congratulations to AnnA Marie (:.

  2. Wow, how wonderful and special, especially to have family there to share.
    I've done 3 collage graduations so far {two more to go} for my children...Two of them at the "Y" so I know of a little of what you are feeling.
    Such memories. Thanks for sharing your happy day.

  3. Thanks mama! This was a special and way fun post. I'm sure we made memories I haven't yet realized we made :)

  4. First of all, Congratulation to Anne Marie...Kylie was so happy to share in her special day...they really have supported each other in all their activities, adventures, etc. throughout the years and it is special and sweet. I loved the photo of them in front of that gorgeous tree...lovely girls! Your post was so full of great photos and fun moments like Call bringing Anne Marie flowers...he has always been such a sweet boy...so cute too was Ty picking up Anne Marie and the photo with Chase. I also know what you mean about leaving Eric's email address on your list...my mom's is still on mine and my dad's cell number is still in my phone and their address is still on my Christmas Card list and I still have messages left by my dad on my message machine...just little reminders of those we cherish and miss.
    Thanks for sharing your special days with Anne Marie!

  5. Congratulations on the 1st graduation. What a major accomplishment. I know exactly how it feels and as far as the pictures go during the ceremony, don't you just love that when your trying to take a picture of your loved one and someone decides at the same time take a picture of theirs. Typical. :) Try having twins though and not being able to be there for both of them. Not that I'm complaining!I'm just saying. My dad went to mine and my mom went to Steph's at BYUI. Makes for a rather interesting and lonnnnng day for them. So just think so you may not have a lot of pictures of your graduate getting her diploma or flipping that tassle. You've got the graduate for life and Eternity, which makes those little things, seem not so important.


  6. Yeah! How exciting! ...and to share the day with so many cousins makes it all the better.

    Has reality hit any of them yet?
    Graduate from college- check
    Get a job-
    Make some money-

  7. Fun post Marie! I had fun being about to sit by you guys at the graduation! I was glad that I was able to be there for her!

  8. Congrats! We were there for my brothers graduation. He graduated in the same department as Denise Stiles son- so we got to see them :) I love the money lei! I will have to remember that one. Anne Maries hair is sooo long and beautiful!

  9. What a wonderful post and collection of your completely filled days in Utah. There is no place quite like BYU. Spencer said it was such fun. How awesome that your whole family could be there to celebrate with Anne Marie.

  10. that was so fun to see everyone and to sit with Anne Marie! I dont have the Hyer group picture either, maybe Zan does?