21 March 2010

Goodness In All Directions

Beginning of Better Days
~~Reflections of the Past. Looking to the Future~~

My heart leaped just a bit a few weeks ago when Anne Marie
posted on her blog a little synopsis of her student ward's
Relief Society Birthday Celebration. To think of all of
our sisters throughout the world cumulatively focussing
on our legacy, what we are about, and where we are going
moved me. And, I felt tender seeing my own daughter
participating and enjoying the fruits of service
in this holy organization.

Flip Flop Mania!

Here we are, sitting in large circles visiting and laughing,
while as pairs we tied colorful balloons onto the straps
of children's flip flops! So fun and so cute! Of course,
they will eventually make their way to the feet of
children who lack shoes and where flip-flops are
a daily 'norm.' While we talked and tied, a musical
slide presentation played showing several various
"Relief Society Meetings" (the non-Sabbath variety)
taking place throughout all of the wards in the Stake.

I have remembered my mother's prayers and
they have always followed me. They
have clung to me all of my life.
~Abraham Lincoln~

My favorite part of the day was that my blessed mother
was there with me. It was sooo sweet and fun!

My good friend Penny Godwin with
her beautiful mom, Pauline.
Don't we just all look happy?!

Monica Jackson and her daughter, Jennifer Muirbrook.
Mom's and daughters. Just something great about that..

A good friend is cheaper than therapy...
and here are a few of mine!

In between the Flip Flop Mania and our delicious
lunch, we were inspired by a lovely program that
took us on a spiritual journey from the past days of R.S. to
the present day. One of the highlights (in addition to beautiful
music and some narration that coordinated) was a Vignette
of "Pioneer Sisters." They were a hoot, inspiring, and
really gave us a glimpse of the beginning of R.S.
They were in full costume and seriously, I didn't
recognize a few for a bit. It was in the Chapel.
Sorry! No photos. In addition, several
displays ranging from our history to current
events taking place in our wards were positioned
in several of the classrooms. Each ward
participated. Such fun!

Our Priesthood leaders served us our meal.
Two hundred and fifty sisters attended.

My cherished friend, Claire and I. There were
many many many committees to help bring
the day together. Claire coordinated it all.
I love this woman.

My nurturer, my conduit to heaven (she has a direct line!),
my champion, my fan, my sounding board,
my mother. I love this woman, too.
I promised Nancy Tilby credit for this photo. She said
she is in competition with Kris! The other two she took
chopped off our heads...on purpose. Is that
Nancy, or what??

She made it to Peru! Check out:

Ty's first big event of the season. The
Brenda Invitational. Twenty-four high
schools participated. Here, Ty is running the
200 meter dash. He came in second in his heat.

The back of the Pitman High School T-shirts. Awesome.

Ty's Teacher's Quorum. Kris is their Varsity Scout Leader
and he put binders together to keep track of their
progress. He took a few photos to put on
the cover. I love this one. One Quorum member,
Chad, is not pictured, but is in the following photo.
(They are surrounded by Hyer's.
I am their Sunday School teacher!)

Left to right:
Jerry, Ty, Jacob, Hunter, and Chad

Needed to update you on the Iceland Poppies.
Ahh, this color!!

Up close, the white ones remind me of the little
paper cups you cook cupcakes in. Love them!

I perhaps owe having become a
painter to flowers.


  1. Great post! You were very busy this weekend!!! The Relief Society is an amazing organization filled with amazing women.

    I love the teachers quorum photos. Fine young men!

  2. What a great RS birthday party. And I loved seeing lots of old friends. So cute of the boys too.

  3. Relief Society is wonderful. You made me homesick for my mom, though. You are so lucky to have Grandma so close. I miss all of you. California is way too far away.

  4. We had a great relief society birthday in my ward too (I'm on the committee...)! I am LOVING Anne Marie's blogging from Peru!

  5. SO fun catching up on your blog! The flowers are so beautiful and vibrant, the beautiful photos taken at one of the most amazing parks, breath taking, and seeing familiar faces at the Relief society birthday party...priceless! Thanks for sharing!

  6. From the pictures and from talking to Mom it seems like your RS Birthday celebration was a big hit! It looked like it was a lot of fun. It is interesting to see the difference between each RS Birthday Celebration in a Family ward/stake and what it looks like from a Singles ward. Differences yes, but no matter what and no matter where you are we are united as one big Sisterhood. It's incredible.

  7. There really is something so special and powerful when a group of women gather. We are so strong and loving and capable of so much good in the world. I, too, loved seeing the familiar faces. Those are my friends who watched me grow up. Ran into Val at the mall the other day. Random and fun. And that orange flower really is an awesome color. Makes me want to sew something.
    Love you. Love grandma. Love home. Love R.S.

  8. I wish I could have attended the RS celebration. Those photos of your and your mom are priceless.

  9. What a beautiful post Marie.

  10. I LOVE RS too. And the Birthday celebration is such a nice time to reflect on the blessings from being a part of this divine institution. I loved all the photos of daughters and moms. I also really loved the pictures Chris took of his teachers. SO cool.