10 March 2010

Colorful Anticipation

Photo by Kris

For the first time, I planted Iceland Poppies. It has been so fun
to watch them grow! They are such funny furry little things that
bloom into beautiful tissue-paper-like flowers. We literally
watched the above flower bloom...all in about three hours.

It pleases me to take amateur photographs of my
garden, and it pleases my garden to make my
photographs look professional.

Robert Brault

I took this photo at 9:00 A.M. one morning. When I
returned home at 1:00 the same day...

...this was waiting for me!

Why try to explain miracles to your kids when
you can just have them plant a garden...

Robert Brault

They grow tall and the stems
bend and dip into all sorts of directions.

One of the most delightful things about a
garden is the anticipation it provides.

W. E. Johns "The Passing Show"

The crinkly nature of them reminds me of tissue paper!

The flower in the two photos above and the one below is
the same flower appearing in the photo at the top of
the blog. Same flower. Different camera.
Definitely different photographer!

Hello! I'm here to smile at you for a few days!


  1. Beautiful, I love to watch flowers unfold.

  2. Those flowers are so pretty! You have so much beauty around your home. I always enjoy the pictures you share. We're still trying to figure out flowers in our yard...maybe someday we'll get it.

  3. Ah, spring. I have been working in my yard the past few days looking forward to it. I have seen a few little green buds so I know there is hope. Beautiful flowers and pictures.

  4. Now that is downright rude. We woke up to a snowstorm this morning. Our plants won't be waking up for several more weeks. Oh well.

  5. oh i just love poppies!! we were just looking at some today, but on the other side of the continent... beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing! =)

  6. My favorite season is spring because of the temperature and just plain beauty.

  7. amazing photos and flowers...how long will they stay after blooming?

  8. I'd love to give each of those flowers their own speech bubbles.

  9. I must say, my thoughts have never been more engagingly presented than as captions to your lovely photos. Thanks.

  10. Wow. Those flowers are absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful sight to greet you each day. Enjoy.