28 March 2010

Being Beautifully Present

The sweetest thing about celebrating the achievement
of a long marriage is to remember the days when
you used to celebrate your plans.
(Sixty-one years this year.
Well, of marriage. They have been
sweethearts since the second grade.

May you never forget what is worth remembering,
or remember what is best forgotten!

Fathers, be good men, that your wives will speak of you
with love and appreciation, and your children will
remember you with gratitude everlasting.
(President Gordon B. Hinckley)

...Do you bring such treasures home when
you visit the place you came from?
(Made from glass, by dad. Gorgeous.)

Or, see Christmas Cactus blooming like...
well, like I can't get them to bloom. Mom.
A classic pose...in front of something
blooming that she grew.

All over town right now. Can't get enough.

Somewhere in the cold of the first winter, there
was an optimist imagining the first spring.
Robert Brault

We had far too many bare spots in the yard. Just
happened over time. Forsythia has been called
"the first sign of spring." Loving them!

Planter in back that was bare. Yeah! Kris comes home for
lunch and keeps saying "You aren't out looking at your
flowers?!" Because I go out about a dozen times a
day. They just make me happy.

Can you have too many beautiful
things your dad made? Not me!
Double click to see the stunning colors.

"Puppers." For the children out of state!

Ty Man!!! Last Wednesday he was the anchor man
for the 4 X 100, ran the 100 meter, and the
200 meter. First place all three times!
It's tough to excel. :)
(Grandma, Ty heard you laughing
on the video at the end of the race.
And I loved the comment from some fellow
team member at the end of the video.
"Last place is good, too!" Perspective is good!)

I love this leaf gifted to me by a dear friend.

The greatest gift of the garden is the
restoration of the five senses.
Hanna Rion

(We also planted new Verbena, Marigolds, Begonias,
and Lobelia. Marigolds...not my favorite,
however, in this hot climate it's glorious color!
Double Impatiens shown above.)

Tulips we brought back from Holland blooming
for the third year in a row! And, I am loving
the Iceland Poppies with them!
(Hens and Chicks also shown...starts from
my mother's yard.)

My niece, Michelle and her new baby, Nathan!

I say to my child, I will explain to you as much of life
as I can, but you must remember that there's part of
life for which you are the explanation.
Robert Brault

Little Laura, Ganon and Jenny's
daughter, following her baptism.

I decided long ago that if I miss something important
in life, it won't be because I hurried past it.
R. Brault

Oh my. Our fourth time around!


  1. Tons of great picutes, don't know where to start. Your parents are so cute and I love your dad's creations and all the beautiful flowers. Exciting to have the last kid driving, now more taxi driving!!

  2. Wow, wonderful spring! Your garden is great... Thanks for sharing all that is beautiful in your life.
    Happy Day

  3. Your spring flowers are beautiful, but the most beautiful thing is your parents...so sweetly in love since the 2nd grade!

  4. I'm SO jealous of your gardening!! All I have is a house plant that is barely hanging on... Cant wait to get some spring flowers here in Provo!

  5. Beautiful flowers. I just love this time of year when they come out to share their beauty with the world. Ty driving. Wow! Time flies before you know it you'll be empty nesters.


  6. Oh, forsythia. I'm planting some this spring because I covet my neighbors early blooms. (Rather than fighting the coveting part, I'm just going to buy some for myself!)

    By the way, is that a pink camelia?

  7. Yes, Liz! Pink Camellia! My bushes are very prolific!! Just falling off with flowers.

  8. Beautiful pics and sweet thoughts... I miss those beautiful almond orchards in Turlock. Thanks for the sweet comments - we're doing well =)

  9. gorgeous necklaces! and I can not wait to drive past your home and see your lovely flowers!

  10. Woo Hoo! Love home posts. And it was quite a mix of faces, flowers and fun. Love ya

  11. A lovely post and a wonderful update. I love all the Forythia--I am looking around town with envy these days at anyone who has such wonderful cheerful blossoms like Forsythia in their yard. Great to see so many familiar family faces.

  12. You have brought a piece of Turlock to Utah. Beautiful flowers, blooming almond trees and of course all the good friends in Turlock. Thank you for the fun and encouraging comments on my blog and sit back and enjoy spring for me hopefully our spring is coming soon.