13 February 2010

Some Kinds Of Heart Disease Are Okay.

Near Mariposa, February 2010
Happy Valentines Day

August 20, 1983

Dear God, I prayed, all unafraid
(as we're inclined to do)
I do not need a handsome man
but let him be like You;
I do not need one big and strong
nor yet so very tall,
nor need he be some genius,
or wealthy, Lord, at all;
but let his head be high, dear God,
and let his eye be clear,
his shoulders straight, whate'er his state,
whate'er his earthly sphere;
and let his face have character,
a ruggedness of soul,
and let his whole life show, dear God,
a singleness of goal;
then when he comes
(as he will come)
with quiet eyes aglow,
I'll understand that he's the man
I prayed for long ago.

~Ruth Bell Graham~

Valentine gift from Kris years ago. It is a piece
of art by Sarah Nugg. I saw it on the cover of
a magazine, commented on it...and he surprised
me with the real deal. The photo is not fantastic,
but if you look closely, the hearts are made from
orange peels, sweet wrappers, shells, stamps, wax
and more. And, I love the little cut-out heart in the
left-hand corner that he had the frame company create.

Our hearts should inspire, shouldn't they?
I have learned that the best changes
often start as single, simple thoughts.

Why is it so fun to find a rock or a leaf or a trunk of
a tree or a piece of coral or a flower that is
shaped like a heart? We always notice it and
single it out...like we found a prize!

(My children found these rocks and coral piece
at the beach. Each one brought them to
me with smiles on their faces. Unexpected
compensation for a day in the sand!)


  1. I read that poem to each of my roommates and they LOVE it. I remember reading that somewhere, did you get it from grandma? And it is always awesome to find something in that shape. Remember that clump of snow I found on campus a year ago, in the bark? Such a surprise. Happy Valentines Day!

  2. I think our obsession with it has to do with the fact that we all know that love is "what the world needs now", so to speak. I love those hear-shaped rocks.

  3. =) Love the picture of you two.... Happy VD

  4. Look at that mustache, it looks like the 3 Amigos. Darling picture and what fun gifts.

  5. I love the picture of the tree. But I enjoyed your old wedding photo even more. Such happiness.

  6. I loved your gift from Kris. Very creative. But the wedding picture was the BEST!!