29 January 2010

"I Joked 'Em"

~this is one of my favorite photos of little ty~

When Ty was little...Pre-School little, there was a
"rest time" during the pre-school day. I vividly
remember picking him up one day and listening
to him tell me about 'rest time. ' He told me
that he did not sleep like the other children. Instead,
he just shut his eyes and said: "I joked 'em."
We have quoted this phrase in our family
a bazillion times over the years when
other "joked 'em"moments have occurred.
And. There have been many.

These are paintings by the Spanish
painter and sculpter, Joan Miro...
...trained in Barcelona.
(Hang with me here!)

Years ago when we traveled to Spain with my parents,
Steve, Bev, Rick, and Deb, we saw many of Miro's
creations. My father, being the modern artist-at-heart
that he is, promptly came home and began creating
works of glass inspired by Miro.

I'm sure you can see the resemblance of this glass
mobile, made by my dad, to the paintings of Miro.
What I found hilarious, and have never forgotten
was sitting on the floor with little 'pre-school Ty'
looking up at this mobile. We looked. And, we
looked some more. And then he very seriously
said "It's too bad Grandpa ran out of orange glass."
I said: "Yeah. He joked us."

I love my Ty boy.
~moments i don't want to forget~


  1. Oh my word. this little man has a special place in my heart. I can hear his tiny voice saying stuff and it's so cute. now he's all handsome and whatever...dude. Remember "scoose me, comin' froo!"??? haha

  2. So Sweeet, Little Ty is now Big Ty and handsome!

  3. Cute....isn't fun how our children's words can become such a part of our life.
    Happy day

  4. Wow. What an amazing mobile. What a great guy is that Ty. I've learned that big, beautiful personalities just can't contain themselves in little bodies--they must show themselves!

  5. What an adorable photo. I never heard that story or your family saying, so cute!

  6. He is a gem and loved over at the Falke house!