03 December 2009

TBP (To Be Planted)

You can't live a perfect day without doing something
for someone who will never be able to repay you.
John Wooden

You may recall two posts I made in October about
our Liquidambar trees we lost in a storm. It was
sad to lose them. Well, last week we received a call
from our local nursery telling us that a new
Liquidambar tree had been purchased for us and
was waiting for pick up! Seriously?
I mean...seriously? Who might have done this?

We will keep the new tree
in a pot in our yard until we have the stumps from
the former trees removed...sometime next Spring. We
will look forward to more yellow and red leaves, and
even the little spiky balls that come along with them.
We will try and be kind to everyone we meet because
we don't know who to thank, and we will be making a
post very soon about a car of ours that needs
Thank You to whomever
lived a perfect day because you did something for
someone else who will never be able to repay you...
and for making our hearts leap VERY up.


  1. That really is the coolest thing. I'm inspired...I'll have to try to have more perfect days.

  2. Haha, am i eligible to have the new 'soon-to-be-gifted' car?! Love the quote. True true. Service is a very high and hold purpose of this life is it not?

  3. That is so sweet, I am sure the giver is the most blessed.