15 November 2009

Don't Blink

Friday evening we went to the beautiful Gallo Arts
Center in Modesto to see a performance of
Lord of the Dance.
We had wonderful seats to the sold out performance.
Marie and Kris
(Let me just remind you that Ty
is fourteen years old!)

Ty was a blast to sit next to, because he kept
giving me stunned looks of amazement at the
speed of the dancers feet. And, I just laughed
my head off during the finale' when they kept
repeating that "wave" with their feet in the
dance line! The precision and energy was
incredible. Fun time!


  1. hahahahah TY! what a goof. That was fun i'm sure. And sitting next to Ty in anything is entertaining. He could make watching paint dry fun. Daddy's new shirt looks nice. And you new scarf. Like the purple coordination!

  2. You lucky dog! Where in Modesto did they perform?