02 October 2009

The Survivor

Until last night we affectionately referred to our little Caramel
girl as "The Beast." Nicknames just come, and she acquired hers
from her never-die energy and playful spirit. Last night, however,
she met the real BEAST. She was attacked by a Pit Bull while Kris
and I were taking her for a walk. She is alive and back home with
us after surgery, but she is moving very very slow.

She had eleven puncture wounds that were
stitched up. You can see one long set of stitches on
the right of her face...sort of looks like her mouth but it's not.
Her ear is shaved where she was bit, her left front leg,
and you can see part of her back injuries, but the
neck area is where the majority of damage is. She has some
tubes going in and out of her to help drain infection.
(That is a pain patch on her paw...releases pain
medication automatically for the next week.)

Most of her wounds are under her neck. She's lucky
an artery was not bitten. It was such a scary and horrifying
thing to have happen! I can't believe all of you out there in
blog-land couldn't hear all of our yelling and screaming. The ordeal
lasted about four minutes and that dog had a hold of Caramel by the
neck the majority of the time. We honestly thought we were
watching our little pet die right in front of our eyes. We
know she can't live forever, but this would have been
an awful way to see her go...

Caramel jumped out of a moving vehicle once and lived.
She was hit by a car a couple of years ago and lived.
And now this. That's why we think we'll start calling
her "The Survivor" rather than "The Beast."

We can't wait until she is herself again...like the
cute photo above and the playful video below!
The video was taken last week.


  1. You are too much Kris! That is an awful story, I am so glad she is going to be ok. I haven never understood individuals who would want that kind of a pet.

  2. Oh my goodness! How scary! I hate hate hate watching dogs fight (& living out in the country your bound to see a few). Poor dog. Get well soon!

  3. I am so sorry you guys...poor Carmel! I am sure that it was horrifying and terrible. I am so glad that she is going to be okay.

  4. How terrifying. I'm so glad to hear she is doing okay and will recover.

  5. Pit Bulls should be illegal!!! Seriously-I've never heard a sweet, tender story involving a Pit Bull. Glad she's going to be OK-fun to read up on your family now that life has slowed down just a wee bit!