27 October 2009

He Colors Mine, Too.

A couple of days ago Kris called for me
to come into his (new and unfinished) office.
He said: "This song is for you," and he had
me listen to "Black and White Days"
by, Gary Go.
(Recording and words below.)

Ty took our photo. Whenever you ask Ty for help,
you get the funny version first. Eventually,
you get what you are really after.

Every word I said I meant it.
All the time I had I spent it.
Was there nothing I could do to prevent it.
I don't understand how so many plans fell
like water through
my hands.

But you, you color my black and white days.
You color my black and white days.
You do.
You color my black and white days.

I have changed as much as I can.
There's only so much change in one man.
I'm still trying to find who I am.
I would turn and run, back to where I begun,
But it's easier said than done.
Then there's you...

To color my black and white days.
You color my black and white days.
You do.
You color my black and white days,
Color my black and white days.
I can count on you,
To color my black and white days,
Color my black and white...

When your here
I come to life.
When your here
How I burn to feel everything that
I feel we touch.

You color my black and white days.
You color my black and white days.
You do.
You color my black and white days,
Color my black and white days.

But I wonder who colors your black
and white days.
And colors me black and white.

(Makes my eyes wet.
He colors mine, too.)

24 October 2009

No More Murmur

A couple of hours after I took the video (in
my previous post) sharing
the beautiful whisper of our beloved trees...
I heard a crack.

It necessitated the removal of two Liquidambar
and our Strawberry Tree.

We planted these trees. We watched them grow. We loved
the birds and the nests we watched them build year after
year. I loved the first sight of new buds. I loved
seeing the fresh green emerge from the buds, followed by
deeper green followed by red and yellow. My hummingbirds
will wonder where the juicy red balls and the light pink blossoms
went...we planted the Strawberry Tree for them. I will even
miss the little spiky balls that fell from the Liquid Ambers.
My children, their cousins and their friends hid under these
trees. They traveled to far off lands under these trees. I
enjoyed these trees from my kitchen sink for hours.

Blank sky where the trees used to sway. This is the
exact same spot I was standing when I took the
video in which you can hear the trees murmuring
and whispering a few weeks ago. My bedroom
is right here. I used to hear birds when I woke
up in the mornings. It is quiet now.

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.
~Joyce Kilmer~

Thank You, Trees.

15 October 2009

A Murmur In The Trees

There will come soft rain...
and the smell of the ground.
~Sara Teasdale~

There was...
a murmur in the trees...
~Emily Dickinson~

...the leaves unhooked themselves
from trees...

I am sure it is a great mistake always to
know enough to go in when it rains.
One may keep snug and dry by such knowledge,
but one misses a world of loveliness.
~Adeline Kapp~

I am currently reading Steinbeck's
The Winter of Our Discontent.
I found it ironic that I read the following passage
the very evening the winds and rain blew through:

A day, a livelong day, is not one thing but many. It changes
not only in growing light toward zenith and decline again,
but in texture and mood, in tone and meaning, warped by
a thousand factors of season, of heat or cold, of still or multi-
winds, torqued by odors, tastes, and the fabrics of ice or grass,
of bud or leaf or black-drawn naked limbs. And as a day changes
so do its subjects, bugs and birds, cats, dogs, butterflies...
and people.

(Caramel looks better than a few weeks ago, huh?!)

All was silent as before--
All silent save the dripping rain.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~

There was "a murmur in
the trees..."
And my heart leapt up!

11 October 2009

Thank Thee, Lord, for This New Day

Through the night thy angels kept
Watch above me while I slept;
Now the dark has passed away,
Thank thee, Lord, for this new day.

North and south and east and west
May thy holy Name be blest;
Everywhere beneath the sun
As in heaven, thy will be done.

08 October 2009

A Hat Trick Plus Two!

"Number Two" played with his J.V. high
school team last weekend in a tournament.

They played four different teams
and took the championship.

In one game, Ty made FIVE goals.
That would be a Hat Trick....plus two!!


02 October 2009

The Survivor

Until last night we affectionately referred to our little Caramel
girl as "The Beast." Nicknames just come, and she acquired hers
from her never-die energy and playful spirit. Last night, however,
she met the real BEAST. She was attacked by a Pit Bull while Kris
and I were taking her for a walk. She is alive and back home with
us after surgery, but she is moving very very slow.

She had eleven puncture wounds that were
stitched up. You can see one long set of stitches on
the right of her face...sort of looks like her mouth but it's not.
Her ear is shaved where she was bit, her left front leg,
and you can see part of her back injuries, but the
neck area is where the majority of damage is. She has some
tubes going in and out of her to help drain infection.
(That is a pain patch on her paw...releases pain
medication automatically for the next week.)

Most of her wounds are under her neck. She's lucky
an artery was not bitten. It was such a scary and horrifying
thing to have happen! I can't believe all of you out there in
blog-land couldn't hear all of our yelling and screaming. The ordeal
lasted about four minutes and that dog had a hold of Caramel by the
neck the majority of the time. We honestly thought we were
watching our little pet die right in front of our eyes. We
know she can't live forever, but this would have been
an awful way to see her go...

Caramel jumped out of a moving vehicle once and lived.
She was hit by a car a couple of years ago and lived.
And now this. That's why we think we'll start calling
her "The Survivor" rather than "The Beast."

We can't wait until she is herself again...like the
cute photo above and the playful video below!
The video was taken last week.