03 September 2009

Wow. Our Final Freshman.

#2...My new favorite number.

Some people say soccer's a matter of life and death,
but it isn't. It's much more important than that.

(In our home it is. Our DVR is full of
soccer and Kris' lunch hours are
all soccer!)

In Latin America the border between soccer and
politics is vague. There is a long list of
governments that have fallen or been overthrown
after the defeat of the national team.
~Luis Suarz
Ty is not Latino. But he IS learning Spanish. :)

THS won...Ty made a goal yesterday...
and TWO today! Go #2!


  1. Way to go #2! Ty is quite the athlete! Great photos.

  2. Way to go Ty. He has always been so athletic. I always enjoyed watching him play baseball. He would steal a base at the drop of a hat!

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  4. Go brumbsy! GGGGOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!! This translates into spanish and english quite easily really....

  5. He even looks like a pro with that great hair!

  6. Do they always play on the football field?
    Part of me will always miss those THS games.
    Hail Alma Mater. Hail All Hail!