31 August 2009

Should He Quit His Day Job?

I need a laugh, so I'm getting one
at Trent's expense. We recently had
the Tilby's over. Best quote of the night
goes to Ashlyn...and, as you will
see, best performance goes to Trent.

Landon and Trent
Nancy and Taylor Ann
Westin was awesome on the guitar.
Quote of the night:

Marie: "Do you think your dad is funny?"
Ashlyn: "No! He's embarrassing!"
Marie: "Is he embarrasing you?"
Ashlyn: "No! He's embarrassing himSELF!"

Dallin was solid!

My favorite: He sings the lyrics: "This one
goes out to the one I love." Then, he ad libs
"I call her Nancy". If you listen carefully
you can hear him whisper it the next
two times! Soooo, whaddaya think?
Should he quit his day job?


  1. Oh! My Gosh! He should NOT quit his day job (as the rest of us need major counseling after hearing this)! :) Was Ashlyn actually closing her ears? Looks like a fun night!

  2. Looks like a fun night- and yeah, keep the day job =)

  3. Ashlyn looks so unhappy in the photo with Call...so funny!

  4. Definitely not but I thought the drummer was pretty good.