15 July 2009

Through the Tunnel

Prior to meeting in Park City, we spent a few days in Las Vegas where
we attended the wedding of Becca and Davis, the surprise birthday
party for Zan, and just had fun playing around with the family.
Our week with family continues with the
following three posts. This is a video of Uncles
and cousins biking by Hoover Dam.


  1. Family bike rides are so fun! I happened to notice the tag-a-long (with one of the younger cousins, I assume.) We happen to be in the market for one of those.

  2. By the way, I notice that Bishop Hyer (though I guess he's President Hyer now) has a Highroad jersey on. I admit we're Slipstream (Garmin-Chipotle) fans over here, but we like Highroaders as well. I wonder if you're following the Tour this year.

  3. how fun! it looks so gorgeous there...