27 July 2009

These Is My Favorite Summer Things

My name is not Oprah, and I'm not a talk show host with
a special episode devoted to sharing my favorite things for
the year. However, my name is Marie, and these is a
few of my favorite 2009, summer things:

***Fresh Corn on the Cob

***Jamba Juice. I actually believe it has replaced
my Baskin Robbins addiction.

***The book, These is my Words, by Nancy E. Turner.
Inspired by the author's own family memoirs.

***I caved. I now belong to the I-Phone cult. My
beloved Razor bit the dust. Now, I can blog from
my phone. Right. I'm gonna do that.

***Why would I have a credit card bill in this photo?
Well, I left my wallet in a Utah gas station restroom this
summer. An hour and a half down the freeway-later, the loss
was discovered. My sister-in-law retrieved the untouched wallet,
but the experience led me to cancel several cards, and add
fraud alert on those I kept. In addition...I also have credit alert
protection through the credit bureau and I'm sleeping well.

***Reading Anne Marie's blog from Ghana.

***Favorite "discovery?" In the process of moving belongings
from one room into storage...a little note, written by a young
Chase to his sister Anne Marie was discovered. It reads:

Dear Anne Marie
I love you
very much and
I am very
sorry I called
you a fart.

Priceless. Tell me what one or two
of your favorite things from
this summer "is!"


  1. ---Cold, freshly cut African mango~
    ---Teaching young school children
    ---One of a kind bracelets in a market
    ---Catching something amazing on film

  2. -Sweet little grandchildren kissing my hand and saying I love you Grammer.
    - new paint colors never before used
    - peaches from our trees

  3. I love this post- I have to say my two favorite things about summer are: spending lots of time with my kids & barbecuing!

  4. Pushing my kids on the swings
    Improving our home a bit