17 July 2009

The Reason We Gathered

Recently, the Hyer family gathered in Park City, Utah to
celebrate the 80th birthday of Mollie...Mother,
Sister, Grandmother, Mother-in-law,
and Great Grandmother.
Personally, Kris and I felt such comfort and were genuinely buoyed up in spirit from being surrounded by our sweet family. We love each of you and are grateful for your strength, faith, devotion to righteousness, and the fun and joy you shared with us.

Mollie with three of her eight siblings:
Lauraine, Mollie, Lucille, Eldon
Your life is like a field glass, Laura. When you look into the
one end, the landscape is dwarfed and far away, when you
look into the other, it looms large as though it were near
at hand. Things that happened seventy years ago seem
like yesterday. But when I was a girl, eighty years
seemed too remote to contemplate. And now it
has passed. The story is written.

~Spoken by Laura to her Grandmother, Abbie Deal,
in the book A Lantern in Her Hand~

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it
a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are,
you need one. ~~Jane Howard

Mollie with her children Kevin, Dodd,
Kris, and Mary. Her husband, Dale,
passed away from cancer
twenty years ago.

Every time we have a family reunion, Grandma shares her testimony
and feelings about the importance of Family with the grandchildren.
I took this video so we could have a record of her feelings and so those
unable to be in attendance could feel the love of their Grandma. I post it
with a little embarrassment because Aunt Mary also expresses thanks
to me for assisting in putting together a gift for Grandma. However,
I still want to share Grandma's voice with the family, so here it is.

Each and every child, in-law, and grandchild wrote a personal
letter to Grandma expressing to her their gratitude for the example
she has been, and the influence she has had upon their lives. I had
to chuckle, because one of the things Call mentioned in his letter
was how he would never forget Grandma getting up at every
single reunion and expressing how important Family
is...and here she was doing just that!

Mayce and Becca looking at the book.


  1. How nice and such beautiful photos. Looks like a picturesque weekend. I haven't watched the video yet but I'm sure it will be a classic grandma memory. I'm excited to look at the rest to see what the weekend was like. Thanks mama~

  2. It looks like a really special book you put together Marie. She looks tickled pink

  3. What a great confession/motivational talk! What if all the great leaders in the world said what she said: "I know I made some mistakes, but I did some good things, too. Now YOU must make good decisions." Perfect. What a great grandma.